Best Gifts for an Aries Woman – 6 Perfect Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for an Aries Woman - 6 Perfect Gift Ideas

Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries women are independent, confident, energetic and dynamic.

Aries women know what they want, they know how they like to have things done. They like to be in charge. She always has her eye on the next goal or the next milestone. Aries always has a plan and is all about self-improvement. With her innate focus and determination, there’s no question that she will put the work in to get where she wants to be.

Ruled by the God of war, she can be a bit on the aggressive side when it comes to tackling challenges. She also has a strong competitive streak that fuels her fire, but can sometimes get out of hand. This, combined with her single-mindedness when it comes to reaching a goal, means that sometimes other people can get trampled on her way to the top. However, when she does choose to throw her support behind another person, she is a selfless champion.

A fire sign, Aries women have a passion for life that is easily infectious. They always like to make the most of every moment. She doesn’t have time to waste playing games and is always honest and open in her dealings. Sometimes she is honest to the point of bluntness, which can be hard for the thin-skinned. But she never says anything with malice, she is just being honest, and expects the same honesty from others in her life.

Best Gifts for an Aries Woman

1. A Fun Experience

Go Pro Hero

Recommended Gift: Go Pro Hero


Aries women enjoy doing the unusual and being the first to try something new or different. Book a trip to whatever is the latest fun experience in your area. Nothing new? Don’t be afraid to go for a classic and organise a scuba diving or rock-climbing outing. However, don’t forget to order a training session as part of the package. She will want to know how to perform her best.

Excelling and winning is an important part of the fun for an Aries woman. A group trip to the latest escape room will also make a great outing, but be prepared to encounter her competitive streak.

Whatever experience you choose, she’ll have more fun if it is in a group. She likes to share her passion for adventure with others. Aries also appreciates the opportunity to show off her skills, just a little. Whatever you do, don’t spring it on her as a surprise on the day. Aries women like to stay in control. She’ll want to have the chance to prepare, rather than turn up and simply be expected to perform.

Although she is not the type to share everything on social media, she does enjoy having memories to look back on. If she does a lot of fun outdoor activities, something like a Go Pro can make a good gift for her. She doesn’t need the latest model, a classic Go Pro Hero makes a great present idea for an Aries woman.

2. Gym Gear

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Recommended Gift: Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer


Aries women tend to take fitness seriously. They believe that they need to be in the best possible shape in order to conquer the world. She probably already has quite the collection of fitness clothing, but there are some things that you can never have too much of. A new pair of leggings or the latest comfortable but stylish sports top always make a good gift. Check out some of the great but affordable products from CRZ Yoga or Icyzone.

She will also appreciate anything that can help her up the intensity of her workout and boost her results. Get her some comfortable ankle or wrist weights, a new set of resistance bands, or something like the Premium Waist Trimmer (pictured above) make some of the best gifts for Aries women.

If you have the time and energy, sign yourselves up for a block of one of the latest fitness classes. She will enjoy trying something new, and both the social and competitive elements of doing it together.

3. Planners and Organisers

Get Stuff Done Journal

Recommended Gift: Get Stuff Done Journal


As Aries women are goal oriented, they always have their eye on the next prize, and they always have a plan for how they are going to get there. As such, she will appreciate a gift that helps her visibly keep track of where she is, where she is going, and how she is going to get there.

The best gift for an Aries woman is something classic, like a genuine leather journal, or something stylish and inspirational like this Art of Pablo Picasso Journal.

She might also appreciate one of the modern journals designed specifically for goal planning, like the Best SELF journal or the Get Stuff Done productivity journal (pictured above). Whatever type of journal or planner she uses, she probably likes to colour-code, and so will also appreciate something like these multi-coloured fine tip marker pens.

It is also important for Aries women to take the time to celebrate a success before moving on to the next thing. You can help her by getting her a bottle of bubbly, or whatever her favourite tipple is. Tell her to open and drink it when she reaches an important milestone. She will appreciate the fact that you see and acknowledge her hard work.

4. Learning Tools

Peak Secrets from the new Science of Expertise

Recommended Gift: Peak: Secrets from the new Science of Expertise


Since Aries women are always working on something new, they are also almost always learning something new. While they aren’t afraid to put in the hard work, they appreciate the benefit of working smart rather than hard. They are happy to use the latest tools to learn what they want as quickly as possible. If you know what she is currently working on, any books or other tools that can help her with that specifically will make a good gift for an Aries woman.

If you aren’t sure what her current project is, she will probably enjoy learning about learning to support her general desire to improve herself.

She will enjoy books on the art of learning and mastering a new art, such as Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell or Peak: Secrets from the new Science of Expertise by Robert Pool and Anders Ericsson (pictured above). The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast by Josh Kaufman is another bestseller that she will enjoy as it shares strategies for learning anything quickly at the early stages.

5. Home Gadgets

Amazon Echo

Recommended Gift: Amazon Echo


Aries women tend to be busy, so they don’t always have time to tend house. But their controlling nature means that they like their space neat and tidy. They like to be in control of how it looks and feels. Gadgets that help her keep in control of her home space with minimal time and energy make great gifts for Aries women.

If she doesn’t already have an Amazon Echo (pictured above), it will make a great gift. She can easily play her music and add important things to the shopping list.

She will probably appreciate something like iRobot Roomba Vaccum or the iRobot Braava Jet mop to keep the floors clean for her. But be careful how you package it, giving women tools for cleaning and cooking can always be a little on the risky side. She can probably also use a smart thermostat to precisely control the ambience of every room in her home.

6. Jewellery

Recommended Gift: Anything with Rubies

When it comes to giving a personal gift that will also make a good a keepsake, jewellery is always an excellent choice. Aries women like to make an impact with the pieces that they wear. When picking something for her it is OK to go a little over the top and pick something that will make a statement. She probably likes spikes, angles and geometric shapes, and something that is fashion-forward, rather than what everyone else is wearing.

Red is always a good colour of Aries women, as it suits their fiery temperament, and their confidence and charisma help them carry it off. Rubies set in silver is always an excellent gift choice for an Aries woman.

She will also enjoy wearing something in her birthstone as it will boost her natural energy levels. What stone is appropriate depends on which day in the Aries month she was born.

Born between March 21 and March 31, Mars is her patron. She will feel an affinity with agate, quartz, jasper, serpentine or hematite. Aries born between April 1 and April 11 have the Sun as their patron. She will like something in amber, heliotrope or pearl. If she is born between April 12 and April 20, Venus is her patron. Diamonds, garnets or sapphires are a good choice.

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The main thing to remember when choosing a gift for an Aries woman is that you show that you have taken the time to think of something just for them. Something generic or a gift card won’t be appreciated nearly as much.

Aries women know what they like and are very focussed on their goals and interests. They like to share what they are passionate about, and if you haven’t been paying attention, she will notice. If you want to impress her, make sure you show her how well you know her.

Best Gifts for an Aries Woman - 6 Perfect Gift Ideas
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Best Gifts for an Aries Woman - 6 Perfect Gift Ideas
When choosing a gift for an Aries woman, show that you have taken the time to think of something just for them. Learn 6 perfect gift ideas for Aries women.
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