Virgo Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Virgo Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope

The time has finally come for the 2019 Leo Season to come to an end, and make way for Virgo Season! Fire energy transforms to Earth, and from 22 August until 23 September, we can take a step out of the spotlight and come back to a sense of simplicity, which is a nice balance compared to the luxury of Leo! This season is a time of calm, a time to organise, a time to get our ducks in a row and to tweak those areas of life that could do with some polishing up!

It may feel as if we are turning the volume down way, way low – and we are! The 2019 Virgo Season is a muted one – it’s not glittering and showy, but it is a period where life can become less cluttered and a time where we can put roots down and get into a better routine, look after our bodies better and generally take care of our health more – emotional, physical and mental!

And if you are someone with a Virgo Sun-Sign, Happy Birthday! The Sun has come around for you once more, and heralds the start of your personal new year. You will embody the qualities of Virgo Season, with your level headed practicality, down to earth wisdom and brilliance at details. Collectively, we will all be able to tap into this energy, but you hold it best!

Virgo Season 2019

The Virgo Sun Sign Horoscope for 2019 is a period of organising our lives. It’s a time of cleaning up the mess we have in our drawers and cupboards – literally and figuratively – and getting things into order. Virgo loves nothing more than taking care of the details, and this season can be one of our most productive this year so far!

Virgo is also the sign of service and helpfulness – these signs have a heart of pure gold, despite their criticising! The 2019 Virgo Season offers us the opportunity to get into the world and make ourselves useful, in practical, tangible and down to earth ways.

Whether that means running errands for someone we love who isn’t able to, or helping our kids with homework, to taking care of mealtimes whilst hubby is snowed under, the focus is on helping. We can even reach further outside our own homes and extend a hand to animals, children or other causes that need us. This is a wonderful way to make use of Virgo Season 2019.

This season also asks us to find a way to be healthier – body, mind and soul. Perhaps we need to pick up a strong exercise routine again, do yoga in the morning, do a juice detox or begin a regular meditation practice. Even if we are not routine-friendly usually, Virgo Season has a way of nudging us back onto the right path!

The keywords for Virgo Season 2019 are: organisation, routine, health, service, helpfulness, details, perfectionism, simplicity, kindness and criticism.

Element & Mode

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Virgo is, of course, an Earth sign – grounded, stable and physically motivated, this sign wants to create security in life. The 2019 Virgo season is all about putting down some roots, establishing regularity and nurturing our physical bodies and worlds.

The earth element is also all about work, and Virgo is a particularly hard worker. We can all begin to put in that much more effort, and draw immense reward from a job well done. Virgo doesn’t want the fanfare and praise – this is a humble sign that simply wants to be as helpful as possible.

Even if Virgo has a tendency to judge or criticise, or even to nit-pick, at heart, we all just want to “get it right”. It’s important to watch this critical edge though over Virgo Season, as we may be tempted to find flaws in even the most perfect of situations!

And lastly, Virgo is a “mutable” mode – giving this sign the gift of flexibility and adaptability, so even when we are working away at creating good routines, laying down strong physical foundations and motivated for stability, we are also able to shift and change with circumstances, helping this earth element – and us – not to get stuck!

Ruling Planet

Interestingly, the ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury – planet of communication and the mind. As grounded as this Earth sign is, it is also a sign that loves ideas, loves to talk, analyse and think! Hence, this Virgo Horoscope for 2019 is also about communication, about advice – giving and receiving – and about exchanging ideas.

We’ll need to be mindful of over-thinking or over-analysing, as Virgo is a sign that tends to get quite caught up in the details, and may get into a bit of a tangle when searching for constant problems to solve. Taking a step back and just being will be important for us during this 2019 Virgo Season, and avoiding the need to criticise ourselves and others is important!

7 ways to make the most of Virgo Season 2019:

1. Go on a Detox!

This is the ideal time to go on any kind of detox, whether it’s a 7-day Juice program, or trying out intermittent fasting. This season will help us to feel more motivated and ready to make the commitment, and keep to it. Plus, you’ll end up slim and trim! So, go out and get yourself that Nutribullet – you won’t have a moment of regret!

2. Clean out the Clutter!

Marie Kondo hasn’t got a thing on Virgo! If it’s not sparking joy for you this season, let it go – throw clutter away, spring-clean your cupboards and make space for some new things. Not only will your home and office benefit, but your mental clarity will improve tenfold! This is a great time to go through everything and get rid of what’s no longer working.

3. Establish a Routine

Now is the season to get into a great new routine. Whether that’s running in the morning, meditation in the evening and yoga for lunch, Virgo Season 2019 is the perfect period for laying strong and lasting foundations for a much healthier and more grounded lifestyle. Routine also creates a sense of security and safety when life gets chaotic, and is something you can always return to!

4. Be Useful

There’s nothing a Virgo loves more than being useful to others. Whether it’s helping a friend with a sticky problem, or volunteering for a beach clean-up day, get yourself out there over this season and reap the rewards of a job well done. Not only are you making the world a better place, but you’re also stashing up on karmic rewards!

5. Work Hard

This season is a time for putting nose to the grindstone and working as hard as we can – blood sweat and tears never felt quite as satisfying as during this Virgo Season 2019! And you’re not looking for praise – the joy comes from knowing that you organised and took care of details in such a way that no one can fault you!

6. Be Kind to Yourself

It’s easy over Virgo Season to get hard on yourself. The need to be “perfect” is strong, and you may feel as if nothing you do is good enough. You may also extend that criticism to others, so be sure to watch yourself, watch your words and speak words of kindness to everyone around you, but most especially to you.

7. Be Humble

This season is not the time to seek glory. It’s best to quietly work behind the scenes and know inside yourself that you have done a good job – without needing anyone else to affirm you. cultivating humility and standing away form the spotlight will feel more comfortable during this Season.

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In Summary

Virgo Season 2019 is a time of getting back to basics, a time of hard and dedicated work, attention to detail and service to others. It’s not a time for stepping into the spotlight, but for working hard behind the scenes, working hard to be helpful and kind. Kindness to yourself is very important over this season too, so make sure your self-talk is friendly and loving!

Virgo Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you need to know
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Virgo Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you need to know
Our Virgo Season 2019 horoscope shows it is a time of getting back to basics, a time of hard and dedicated work, attention to detail and service to others.
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