Scorpio Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Scorpio Season 2019

Each zodiac sign that follows the next shows the unfolding of a story, and there is a sense of evolution and growth from one sign to the next. Hot on the heels of a light and breezy Libra Season, comes the transformative and intense Scorpio season. Starting on 24 October and ending 22 November – this season helps us to dive a little deeper, to be more real, to stop skirting the shallows and face our shadows. Libra likes to “play nice”, whilst Scorpio has no time for pleasantries, and prefers to deal with the truth – ugly or not!

And so, the 2019 Scorpio Season is one in which transformation can happen, powerful evolution, revolution and dissolution. We may find ourselves burning things to the ground which simply have no more place in our lives, taking our relationships to a more intimate level, and dealing with our dark sides. The Scorpio theme is emotional and powerful, dramatic and cathartic! Letting go is one of the hardest things to do. Yet Scorpio season allows us those opportunities which will end up setting us free!

Read on to explore how to make the most of Scorpio Season 2019:

Scorpio Season 2019

The Scorpio Sun Sign Horoscope for 2019 is a period of time where we can make sweeping and important changes in our lives, where we can deepen our relationship bonds and where we can truly empower ourselves by taking control of our lives. Some things may come to an end, and we have to be okay with letting go – after all, whatever leaves our lives at this time is simply making space for something new and fresh!

Scorpio is also all about the “dark side” – it’s a sign that isn’t afraid of the shadows, and so this season is the ideal time to embrace the parts of ourselves and others that we may find off-putting, traumatised, wounded or simply not pretty!

We cannot be whole unless we fully and completely embrace all of who we and others are, and doing this will ask that we accept, with radical honesty, each and every undesirable aspect or quality we find in ourselves or another. Once we learn to love the flaws, we become healthy and healed! Therapy over Scorpio season can be an empowering way to deal with our dark side!

Relationships are also a theme over the 2019 Scorpio Season, and we may feel more in touch with our sensual energies, more willing to embrace complete intimacy and feel a strong desire to merge with the one we love – though we have to be careful of possessiveness and obsession!

The keywords for Scorpio Season 2019 are: depth, power, control, emotion, transformation, change, surrender, healing, the shadow, acceptance, release, ambition, desire, sexuality and intimacy.

Element & Mode

Scorpio Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

Scorpio is a water sign, yet unlike other water signs, Scorpio tends to be more secretive and withholding of strong emotions. This sign has trouble trusting that others can hold all of the vulnerability that come with Scorpio energy, and so it takes time to open up. We may feel powerful rushes and waves of feeling, yet it could be hard to express, for fear of scaring others away with our intensity! However, when we learn to open our hearts and allow the feelings to be expressed, we find healing and release!

The mode of Scorpio is fixed, which relates to commitment, consistency and reliability – especially when it comes to love and relationships. However, Scorpio can be grudging, resentful, stubborn and unchanging, and this may be our challenge over the Scorpio Season. Forgiveness and letting go are key to healing over this time!

Ruling Planet

Scorpio is lucky enough to have 2 rulers – Mars, from traditional astrology, and Pluto, from modern astrology! Both planets are all about power, control, ambition, drive and desire, and are sexy, energetic archetypes. Scorpio Season 2019 is all about owning our power, realising our ambitions and goals and making them happen through decisive action! Mars and Pluto can be bullies, however, so this Scorpio season may challenge us to not try and dominate others, to try and not be a tyrant calling the shots!

7 ways to make the most of Scorpio Season 2019:

1. Embrace your Shadow Side

There’s nothing that scares a Scorpio – no trauma, flaw or ugliness can put this sign off. In fact, Scorpio loves and is fascinated by the darker side of life and the human character. Use this time to really look into yourself and others, and don’t be afraid to wholeheartedly embrace – and therefore transform – the qualities that may not always be so desirable! Finding a great therapist or energy worker can assist in profound healing!

2. Get sexy!

Everyone knows that Scorpio is the sexiest of all signs! This season, take a moment to revel in your sexiness, to dress up in that little black dress or that sexy suit you’ve been wanting to for ages. Paint the town red, and don’t be shy to express your desires – it could be the most empowering thing you do!

3. Be Ambitious

Scorpio takes no prisoners! This is a highly ambitious sign that wants to go all the way to the top – take control by owning your ambitions and making them happen – this is not a season to hide in the shadows and be a wallflower. Go for that promotion, write a proposal and show the world what you want!

4. Get Deep

This season is not a time to wade in shallow waters – it’s time to get deep, with yourself, your partner, your friends, your family. Don’t be afraid to take that plunge and open your heart, because transformation awaits there, and a true feeling of power! Ask the hard questions and don’t be scared of the answers – be open to the experience of getting real!

5. Experience your feelings

As a water sign, Scorpio season is a time of expressing feelings and emotions – and even if it’s not always easy to express, you can allow yourself to simply feel what you need to feel. Sit with all the emotions, even the uncomfortable ones – and be mindful and gentle with yourself. Release any pent-up emotions that are simply sitting inside waiting to come up and out! Surrender to the process and allow others to experience their feelings too.

6. Empower Yourself

This time is one of empowerment – in whatever way you need to, find things that make you feel strong and powerful! Whether it’s standing up to your boss, taking a transformative course, owning your shadow side or embracing your sexiness, make sure you are taking a moment to empower yourself!

7. Take Control

The 2019 Scorpio Season is not a time to play the victim! It’s your turn to take control, whether it’s at the office, within yourself or within a relationship. However, it’s not about controlling another – it’s simply around being more in charge of your life and what is going on around you. Make sure you know the difference, and feel the strength and confidence that arises when you make a move to be the one in the driver’s seat!

In Summary

Scorpio Season 2019 is a transformative and powerful time, a time of healing, release, catharsis and letting go! This season is a period of owning our sexiness, of taking control in our lives and of empowering ourselves. Our relationship with ourselves and others become much deeper over this time, and we are asked to be vulnerable, connect to our innermost feelings and desires, and to allow for others to do the same.

We can be asked to release possessiveness, to surrender to change and to allow for evolution to happen. Scorpio Season 2019 allows us to realise our ambitions, and to be strong in what we want to achieve – and to not stop at getting what we want!

Scorpio Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know
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Scorpio Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know
Scorpio Season 2019 allows us to realise our ambitions, and to be strong in what we want to achieve – and to not stop at getting what we want! Learn more!
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