Sagittarius Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

We start off this Sagittarius Season 2018 on November 22nd. The Sun will move from Scorpio, a deeper emotional, powerful context, into the energy of Adventure, through Sagittarius our knowledge seeking, adventure loving, good luck sign. Earlier this month, Jupiter moved into Sagittarius as well, which will amplify the energy of this time.

Sagittarius Season 2018

About the Sign of Sagittarius

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the archer, the half-man, half-horse, the ultimate music-loving, thrill-seeking, free-bird. Luckily for us, we will all be able to access these powers this season. With liberation and freedom on everyone’s mind, be ready for some fun.

Sagittarius also deals with higher learning. Therefore, any educational journeys at this time are bound to be positive. With the Sun being in a Fire Sign for the next four weeks, we will definitely feel motivation, vivaciousness and uninhibited during our day to day lives. Also, free will and adventure will be extremely important to people now. This time can be extra auspicious for anyone with heavy influences of Fire or Air in their charts.

If you are a Sagittarius, this year’s birthday might be better then it has been in past years because of Jupiter’s presence in this sign as well. You may feel more important to the people around you and feel you are bringing out your best side. So, maybe even showing people a side of you that you weren’t able to in the past, which is awesome Sag! Good luck is with you now and your confidence is rubbing off on those around you.

With Jupiter being the ruler here, we will have the best luck when incorporating yellow and turquoise into our daily lives. Doing so will only help to activate Jupiter’s benevolent energy and wake up the good vibes in you. Think love and light, sunshine and happiness. When doing so, Jupiter will thank you!

Abundance and good fortune can show up right at your doorstep during Sagittarius Season 2018. It is up to you to harness these things and make them yours. Doing things like accessing your imagination, connecting through an activity, vibing out to music, and remembering to stay grounded, will all help to claim your fortune!

How Can We Harness Jupiter’s Fortune?

1. Accessing Our Imagination

With a Full Moon this season in Gemini we can access our imaginations through meditation. We can discover parts of ourselves we have not previously known. Therefore, diving deep into self-transformation books and meditation, like combining the energies of a clear quartz crystal and your favorite incense can help activate the depths of your mind and creativity. Anything that provides you with a deeper connection to your own mind can lead to happiness and fulfillment during this time.

Also, ask yourself important questions in the first few weeks of the Sagittarius Season 2018. Such as;

  • What lessons have you learned over the past few months?
  • Are any downfalls finally coming to an end?
  • Are things feeling lighter than before?

Doing so will help you understand emotional difficulties in a more sophisticated light. Perhaps you were feeling drained of energy or couldn’t access your imagination? With Neptune going direct again on the 24th of November, in the house of Pisces; you should feel a clearing of smoke and parting of fog surrounding your dreams this season.

2. Connecting Through an Activity

The Sagittarius energy is fully powered on November 27th, with multiple planets being highlighted and exalted throughout the solar system. We begin with the Sun and Mercury conjoining together to amplify each other. This is a good time for connecting with others through an activity, maybe a sport, an art class, or even a close to home vacation. With the energy of Sagittarius here, remember to make these activities things that will get you up and moving. Think road trip or concert.

People seem more open now than previously to have some fun and connect with others. Keeping things light-hearted and joyous Sagittarius energy can truly make friendships concrete. Memories created now can and will last a lifetime. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With Jupiter’s good luck on your side, you are likely to enjoy any new hobby or interest you take on. As a result, hobbies can be discovered now and maybe you will find something you and your friends might continue to do for a long time.

3. Double-check Your Work

While this season will be a fun and joyous one, for the most part, there is one issue that could be a potential problem if you let it. Mercury is retrograde or moving backward and will be doing so until Dec. 7. Mercury retrograde periods can be a time of difficulty for communication, and annoying mistakes and misadventures are common. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius could lead to problems due to carelessness and recklessness.

On Dec. 3, Mercury will slip back into Scorpio for a few days, which will decrease the risk of carelessness. However, this will increase the risk of relationship turmoil due to miscommunication.

The best way to deal with Mercury retrogrades is to use the time for reflection as much as you can. If you must take care of important business, make sure to double and triple check your work to minimize errors and mishaps.

4. Communicate Openly

This time will be very rewarding in terms of being dynamic and open to the people in your life. Everyone needs time to open up and I think we have found it this Sagittarius Season. Forming new bonds with new people is also favorable and can only add light and brilliance to your life. This will be the general outlook and position for the last two weeks of the Sagittarius season 2018. Be aware of your ability to communicate openly now. Only good can come from discussing topics that are foreign to you or to someone else. Agreements can easily be made and general understanding for others is very likely.

Mercury joins the Sun in Sag on November 27th. Because of this, things like politics and religion can be more easily discussed among your peers now. Arguments can be easily controlled and are not likely to get out of hand. If, for some reason, you have been feeling afraid to open up about a certain topic, now is the time to take action on this. Only positive outcomes will be had and it will be a huge weight off of your shoulders. Remain free in your context of speech. If there are miscommunications due to the Mercury retrograde, Jupiter will put everyone in a forgiving mood, so they will be resolved quickly.

Students may find that writing a paper or researching for a project is a lot of fun and opens up the mind to a world of possibilities. Any educational endeavors will be amplified and helpful in your journey during this period. So, take time to research new topics, you won’t regret it! Just be sure to proofread your work carefully before you turn it in, as you will be more prone to typos and the like.

5. Vibe out to Music

Mercury will have an important impact in the coming four weeks. Therefore, music and especially lyrics can be very powerful to you now. Try playing some of your favorite music, maybe something you have not listened to in a while. If you play an instrument, sing, or are even a music writer, you should feel these talents are accessed easily at this time. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to get up and dance, to really feel the freedom of Jupiter’s good vibes. Also, discovering new, upcoming, or underground artists and songs you like can make you feel happy and hopeful for the future.

When Venus moves into Scorpio on December 2nd, let the emotional evolvement commence. During this time, find a new love track to cuddle up to your lover with. In search of a wedding song? You are likely to find it now. Single? You could run into a potential mate at a record store or in the music section of your local shop. Going on a date to an open mic can be a fun way to cherish the moment with a loved one now. So, try out your own skills at karaoke if you are out and about and feel the love. Laughter will be contagious, and good feelings will multiply.

6. Be Aware and Stay Grounded

With all this positive energy, we may lose sight of the need to stay grounded. Always remember that meditation is important. Creating a routine can be beneficial now and will help you on your adventures this season if you get a little lost. With Venus in Scorpio, you may go through some intense emotions in December and that is not a bad thing! Always remember that pain can only build you up and make you better in the long run. This depth may not even come from another person or event. It may just be your inner psyche wondering what will happen next.

Neptune in Pisces will also have you dreaming a bit more. Therefore, make sure to put solidarity behind your plan by making a vision board. Outline a strategy and plan to execute your bigger dreams. This will set these bright and beautiful dreams into motion, which will be very important moving forward into the upcoming New Year.

With all of this in mind:

We now have the knowledge it will take to obtain our ultimate good luck via Jupiter in the coming four weeks. The fire and outgoingness of Sagittarius are going to open up some fun paths we can walk on. Therefore, plan to be open, set goals, communicate, and have an adventure.

The Sagittarius Season 2018 will already be setting this all in motion naturally but with the right attitude and open mind, we will be able to harness this energy and bring it with us into the future and beyond. Where will your adventurous spirit take you this Sagittarius season?

Sagittarius Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know
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Sagittarius Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know
We start off this Sagittarius Season 2018 on November 22nd. As this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter, find out how we can harness Jupiter's fortune.
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