Libra Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Libra Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope

A serious Virgo Season gives way to the pleasant and gracious Libra Season 2019, starting from 24 September until 23 October. We can put our hard work away now, and learn to balance all we have done with some good old playing! There’s no one who plays quite as well as a Libra, no one who enjoys a party more, or loves being with a friend or partner.

Libra is the sign of sweet Love and Romance, and so this is also a season of pleasure and affection! The 2019 Libra Season is one in which we feel lighter and breezier, where things are taken less seriously, a season where we can simply enjoy each other and the delights of human life!

We all get to tap into this collective energy of fun and play, and of course, if you are a Libra yourself, it is your time to shine – a very Happy Birthday to you! You embody the Love God / Goddess Archetype, and will lead the way in showing the world what it is to cherish and love someone else, with your willingness to please and make life beautiful.

Libra Season 2019

Mark your social calendars – the Libra Sun Sign Horoscope for 2019 is a period of time where you will go out there and mingle, mingle, mingle! This season is fantastic to making connections with people – from your colleagues, to your lover, friend or someone new, this is the time to reach out and bond with people. Debates of all kinds are favoured, and juicy conversation is the name of the game during Libra Season 2019!

Love is a big deal over this time, so whether you’re single or attached, make some time for self-loving, or quality time with your partner. Libra loves to share experiences, and so reach out to a close friend if you’re not in the relationship game, and make plans to do fun things with each other, to catch up over a delicious glass of your favourite and a delightful dinner.

This season is also the season of beauty and creativity. Libra loves art in all its forms, so Libra Season can be a period in which you revive an old creative hobby, or go out there into the world and see what’s on offer! It’s a time to refine your tastes, to spruce up your home space, or to get a new wardrobe. Beauty is very important for the 2019 Libra Season, so get out there and beautify!

The keywords for Libra Season 2019 are: love, relationships, compromise, beauty, creativity, art, pleasure, fun, debate, harmony, justice, socialising, friends, indecisiveness and tastefulness.

Element & Mode

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Libra is a light and breezy air sign – the element of communication and of the mind. And whilst Libra is the more empathetic and personable of the air signs, it is still a sign that loves to think and talk, to rationalise and be objective. Libra can take forever to make a decision but once they’ve weighed up all the options, they always make the right one!

Being the air element also means that Libra Season 2019 involves plenty of fun debates, and mental catch-ups with close friends, preferably one on one, but also within a group. Compromise, harmony and negotiation are very important over Libra Season, so that everyone feels as if they are winning!

Ruling Planet

The gorgeous ruling planet of Libra is lady Venus – planet of Love, Relationships, Romance, Affection, Values, Beauty and Money. Lucky Libra! These subjects are all hot topics over the 2019 Libra Season, and we can feel all swept up in the pleasure of it!

Its’ a time to revel in romance, to have fun and to check in with our value systems – what is really important to us? With Venus as the ruler of this season, we need to live closely to our values, to make sure beauty is al around us, within our homes and our relationships, and to enjoy the affections we give and get!

7 ways to make the most of Libra Season 2019:

1. Go on a Hot Date!

You don’t need someone else to have a sexy date! If you’re minus a plus-one, take yourself out on a date. Get a gorgeous outfit, have a delicious bath, and take yourself to somewhere you love. Give yourself some lovin’, and enjoy your own wonderful company!

If you have a partner, then Libra Season is a perfect time to wine and dine them – and you can do it all season long! And, of course, you can take your bestie out on a date too – there are no limits!

2. Visit an Art Gallery

Everyone enjoys some form of art and beauty. Explore your tastes by visiting a local art gallery and open yourself up to some culture – you may enjoy it more than you think! Try some art shopping, or buying some pieces to decorate your home and make it beautiful – there’s nothing quite like having a stunning item to spruce up your space!

3. Create Beauty around you

From home decoration to gardening, to your own wardrobe, go ahead and create beauty around you. There’s no other time quite as perfect as now, during the 2019 Libra Season, to make your environment a plush, decadent, refined one. Its’ amazing what a tranquil, lovely environment can do for your sense of wellbeing.

4. Learn to Compromise

Libra Season is all about meeting in the middle. This is not a sign to demand to “win” an argument or a battle, and in fact would prefer to avoid a conflict entirely! Find a way that you and others can compromise, where you get a little of what you want, and they get a little of what they want. Everyone is happy, and harmony rules the day!

5. Find Balance

This is a sign that always wants balance in all things – especially when it comes to give-and-take. You give a little, you get a little, and everything should be equal, according to a Libra! Make sure your life is balanced in this way, and others over Libra Season, and also try to find balance between work and play. Moderation is the key to success over this period!

6. Please others – but also please yourself

Libra is all about making others happy – some may call this sign the “people pleaser” sign. And sometimes, it’s really lovely to do just that, and to watch how happy your loved ones are when you go out of your way to look after them and their needs. Just make sure you are looking after yourself, too – remember, balance is key!

7. Flirt!

This is the season of love and romance. This is a sign that knows how to flirt – and how to flirt well! Spread your flirting wings just a little and try it out. Whether it’ with your long-time lover, or someone new you’ve met online, explore the lovely boost you get from a bit of flirting, a bit of batting the eyelashes or fun banter with someone you like!

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In Summary

Libra Season 2019 is a period of pleasure, love and romance. It’s a time where we can all be a little lighter, have a bit more fun, flirt a little and enjoy the pleasures of life. From being creative, to exploring our artistic side, re-decorating our homes or trying out a new look, Libra is all about loveliness.

We may have moments of indecision, or be a little too sugary-sweet at times, trying to please everyone, but if we look for balance and keep the scales in check, we should enjoy this season to the full without a single regret!

Libra Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know
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Libra Season 2019 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know
Libra Season is a time where we can all be a little lighter, have more fun, flirt a little and enjoy the pleasures of life. See how to make the most of it!
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    Really enjoying your season forecasts. I am going on a 23 day cruise on the 9th October so am anticipating lots of Libran, fun, love and joy.


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