Leo Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

On July 22nd 2018 the Sun will move into the zodiac sign of Leo marking the beginning of Leo Season 2018. During the next 4 weeks life will be colored by Leo themes and energy. When the Sun is traveling through a particular zodiac sign this brings light to the archetype of that zodiac sign bringing it into everyone’s conscious awareness. Read on to find out what you need to know for this year’s Leo Season 2018 sun sign horoscope!

Leo Season 2018

Leo Season 2018

About the Sign of Leo

Each zodiac sign is associated with an element, modality, ruling planet, and symbol. Knowing how all of these categories are used to group the signs can lend you deeper insights into how to experience each zodiacal season throughout the year. Here is information describing how the sign of Leo fits into these astrological categories. 


Fire is the element associated with the zodiac sign of Leo. This gives Leo an extra dose of passion, drive, and creativity, which can be seen with the other fire signs as well, Aires and Sagittarius. When we are under the influence of a fire sign life seems to move more quickly. We generally are looking to have more fun, express ourselves more freely, and get more attention for our actions and behaviors. We are more apt to show off our talents and skills during Leo Season 2018. 


The modality of Leo is fixed. Every zodiac sign is given a modality from the following: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Fixed signs include Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. This modality is associated with persistence, determination, and a tenacious mindset. During Leo Season 2018 you may find it harder change people’s minds or bring them around to your point of view. The overall tone of the modality of the Leo Season provides us with confidence to stand our ground, stand up for ourselves, and speak out on what we believe in. 

Ruling Planet

Each zodiac sign has a planet ruling or overseeing it. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun! The bright energy of the Sun fits well with this attention seeking sign. Those who have a strong emphasis on Leo in their natal charts often have a positive and outgoing nature about them. During Leo Season 2018 we are more likely to be influenced by the Sun’s energy. This means we may be more open, extroverted, and self-assured. 


Leo is symbolized by the lion. A lion is often associated with pride, strength, and courage. During Leo Season 2018 you are more likely to be attracted to people who portray these traits. Bold and creative actions are favored at this time. In a very literal interpretation interest in the affairs of royals or leadership will increase during this time as well. On a more esoteric or spiritual level we may portray ourselves with a more majestic and dignified quality to our personalities. 

Leo Season 2018 Lion Symbol

5 Ways You Can Experience Leo Season 2018!

During each astrological season, while the Sun is spending approximately 4 weeks transiting through each Sun sign, certain energies are present. There exists easier access to the activities and symbolism associated with the particular sign. Taking action to embrace the current zodiac season is a great way to get to know that zodiac sign better! Here are 5 ways you can better experience Leo Season 2018!

1) Show Off Your Talents 

The zodiac sign of Leo is not known for shyness or being the wallflower. During Leo Season 2018 you will want to make sure you are showing off your talents! This is a great time to market yourself, skills, and abilities. Everyone has unique gifts to share to the world. The Leo energy wants you to express yourself freely. During this time make sure to share with the world with what you are up to. 

Do not concern yourself with coming across as over confident or arrogant. This time of year is all about demonstrating your confidence to the world. The creative spirit of Leo will be favoring those who are themselves without fear of judgement. You will want to let other people know what your talents are! If you are an artist try to get your work displayed where you live. If you have natural leadership abilities then apply for that promotion you have been wanting. Make sure to talk up your skills every chance you get. Leo Season 2018 is not a time to sell yourself short!

Leo Season 2018 Talent

2) Give Appreciation to Your Lover

The zodiac sign of Leo is known for being a generous, spontaneous, and passionate lover. During Leo Season 2018 be sure to demonstrate these qualities to your romantic partners. A Leo individual loves appreciation both receiving and giving it. Go out of your way to show your lover how much you appreciate them being a part of your life. 

Above all a Leo person wants to feel special. Think about some ways you can demonstrate to your partner how special they are to you. You can set up a romantic date night, buy your special someone a gift, or put together a romantic dinner at home. Regardless of what you decide to do Leo Season 2018 is a great time to show your partner how much you care, love, and appreciate them!

Leo Season 2018 Romance

3) Dress in Creative Outfits or Styles

Leo is known as one of the most creative and stylish signs in the zodiac. As a star sign that does not shy away from wild patterns, bold looks, or trendy outfits, you have the opportunity to embrace this energy for yourself during Leo Season 2018! Put together some wild and fun looks for yourself. If you have been wanting to dawn a certain style, hair color, tattoo, or piercing now is the time to go for it!

Leo Season 2018 will reward bold behavior. Putting together a new or exciting look can be a very good way to express yourself. Creativity is of the utmost importance to this zodiac sign. Crafting, sewing, or designing something you can wear can be a fun way to play with your style. 

Leo Season 2018 Fashion

4) Play or Watch Competitive Sports 

During Leo Season 2018 is a great time to watch or play competitive sports. This star sign often produces professional athletes or people who enjoy the finesse that comes along with playing a sport. Fancy foot tricks in football or soccer and the celebration at the end of the field after scoring a goal are all associated with the Leo star sign. 

Embrace this playful and competitive energy by watching or participating in a group sport. You may want to join a local soccer league, play basketball with some friends, or find a workout buddy for the gym to give you added motivation. Alternatively, you can also watch competitive sports online or on television. Attend a baseball competition, hang out at a sports pub, or watch a match on TV. Either way the spirit of competition is alive and well during this time of year!

Leo Season 2018 Sports

5) Practice Your Craft

If you are an artist, actress, or content creator then July 22nd to August 22nd, while the Sun is in Leo, is a great time to practice your craft or skill. Your artistic abilities may be more pronounced or your desire to produce something will be stronger. Inspiration may flow more smoothly during this time as well. 

The zodiac sign of Leo is associated with the archetype of the actor or actress. An archetype is an idea or figure symbolic of particular traits and characteristics. Analytical psychology, largely developed by psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, makes use of archetypes as symbols of the collective unconscious in order to understand the different levels of the human psyche. Astrology also makes use of archetypes in categorizing and developing the “personalities” behind each zodiac sign. You can read more about archetypes here. 

During this time of year you are being called to embrace the archetype of the actor or creator. You bring your vision of the world into something tangible whether that be through emotions, physical pieces of art, videos, music, etc. The zodiac sign of Leo is associated with creation through constructing your own self identity. Any art you bring into the world is representative of the creative visionary you are on the inside. This time of year is excellent for perfecting, focusing, and developing your artistic vision. 

Leo Season 2018 Creative Skills


Leo Season 2018, beginning July 22nd and lasting through to August 22nd, is playing with the astrological themes of passion, creativity, romance, and appreciation. This is a great time to show the world what you have to offer. While the Sun is travelling through the sign of Leo you have the opportunity to boldly share aspects of your creative self-expression to others. In addition to creating art and content you can also channel this energy to create romantic connections and commitments to the people in your life. The take away for this Leo Season 2018 sun sign horoscope is to just be yourself. What are your plans for Leo Season 2018?


Leo Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know
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Leo Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know
On July 22nd 2018 the Sun will move into the zodiac sign of Leo marking the beginning of Leo Season 2018. Here is what you need to know!
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