Gemini Season 2018 – What You Need To Know

Gemini Season 2018

May 20th to June 21st brings you Gemini Season 2018 as the Sun starts its 4 week journey through the zodiac sign of Gemini. Here is what you need to know for the weeks ahead as you experience this light hearted and fun star sign’s energy!

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Gemini Season 2018

Gemini is the third sign on the zodiacal wheel following Aries and then Taurus. It’s modality is mutable, meaning this sign is symbolized by being more adaptable and changeable to situations. This star sign is associated with quick mental energy and ease in socialization. Expect life to speed up when the Sun is in Gemini!

Debate and Conversate!

One of the most talkative signs in the zodiac, when the Sun is in Gemini you will have a stronger urge to get your chat on! According to the chart calculations the first week of Gemini Season will start off with a harmonious aspect between the Sun in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius. You will be driven to have intellectual conversations during this time and maybe even some heated debates!

Be aware when you feel your opinions are taking over and remember to see all sides of an argument! The zodiac sign of Gemini takes pride in knowing a little bit of everything and during Gemini Season 2018 this may come out in you as well! Expect conversations to be fast-paced and varied. 

At work and other places it may be advisable to take your time before responding to some emails and other communication just to be on the safe side! Gemini energy may give you the tendency to blurt things out without much thought and this is further heightened by the rapid energy of Mars’ placement in the sky right now! Luckily Mercury, the planet of communication, is in slow-moving Taurus for most of the month grounding the otherwise sporadic energy that Gemini brings with it! 

Keep debates and conversations lively and light when you can! This energy will give you a better shot at coming up with witty and clever things to say. Expect accelerated conversations, quick responses, and rapid fire topic changes during this time!

Gemini Humor

Play Games and Embrace Your Mischievous Side

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, meaning this planet oversees and colors the expression of this zodiac sign. Mercury is associated with your mind, playfulness, and humor. In Roman mythology the god Mercury represents the messenger of the gods and is always up to something mischievous! This month there will be an emphasis on these mercurial themes! Playing pranks and other shenanigans are likely when you are under the influence of this zodiac sign. Be open to this fun-loving and amusing energy. 

Let your humorous side out and don’t be afraid of a little wit and sarcasm! This star sign loves to communicate with some punchy comments. Now might be a good time to watch a comedy movie, attend a theatre performance, or something else in the spirit of fun!

Embrace this energy by completing a crossword puzzle or other word games. Gemini is very keen on solving puzzles and complicated riddles. This sign of the “class clown” will want to get some laughs so you can enjoy the cheerful nature of the current planetary weather during Gemini Season 2018!

Gemini Games

Make New Friends

With the Sun in Gemini this is a great time to make some new friends! This zodiac sign is associated with friendship and has a penchant for being the life of the party. Expect your Gemini friends to come alive under the right circumstances knowing just what to say to get the party started!

You will feel more social than usual during this time and better able to open up and connect with others. It may be surprising you when your wild side comes out unexpectedly! Gemini is associated with the symbol of “the twins” which will give you a boost of confidence in showing off your personality. You will feel more open to sharing the other sides of yourself you usually save for close friends.  

Around the 6th of June the Gemini energy will have a change in expressions as Sun makes a dynamic aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon is also occupying Pisces on this day giving an added boost of dreaminess to your self expression. In addition to being fun and outgoing there will be an opportunity to connect to people on a deeper level as well.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is adept at interpreting the meaning behind people’s comments. This is increased by the planet Neptune as it represents symbolic language and depth. Around this time you are more likely to get into deep discussions with others.

There will be a longing to discover the buried meaning behind other’s words and intentions. Creating lasting friendship connections is very likely around this time as you will feel you relate to others in enjoyable yet meaningful ways. 

Gemini Party

Learn Something New

Being forever curious the zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with education, learning new things, and collecting a wide variety of hobbies. Embrace this Gemini season by learning something new. If you have always been wanting to pick up that second language now is an excellent time to put the effort towards making it happen!

Under the influence of this star sign you are better able to take in information and your curiosity will be heightened. This is an excellent time to sign up for a class or invest in some online workshops. Extra motivation will exist to teach others a skill you have or for you to branch out into a new field. 

There will be added motivation to invest in your hobbies and interests. Gemini is a life long learner and the current planetary weather will inspire you to make more time for the extra curricular activities you value! Expand your horizons and get yourself out and about learning something new!

Gemini Learning New Things

This year’s Gemini Season 2018 should bring you surprising fun and maybe even some lasting new friendship connections. Remember to be open to laughing at yourself and keeping things light during this time! What do expect for the upcoming Gemini Season?


Gemini Season 2018 - What You Need To Know
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Gemini Season 2018 - What You Need To Know
May 20th to June 21st brings Gemini Season 2018 as the Sun starts its 4 week journey through the zodiac sign of Gemini. Here is what you need to know for the weeks ahead as you experience this light hearted and fun star sign’s energy!
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