Cancer Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

In astrology the Sun is seen as a symbol of consciousness, enlightenment, and identity. Approximately every 30 days the Sun makes an apparent journey through each sign of the zodiac. During the time lasting from June 21st to July 21st we are under the astrological influence of the zodiac sign Cancer. This Cancer Season 2018 Sun sign horoscope will give you insight into the energy that is present and what you need to know to experience this astrological zodiac cycle.

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Cancer Season 2018 Stars

Cancer and the Summer Solstice 

The June 21st movement of the Sun into Cancer is also a special event from an astronomical as well as a spiritual perspective as it lines up with the Summer Solstice. On this day of the year the Northern Hemisphere of the planet experiences its longest day of sunlight and therefore shortest night.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is associated with the oceans and the tides. When we are in the Cancer Season 2018 there is a deeper connection to the major cycles of life; the changing of the tides. This star sign is like the ocean with creative depths, psychic energy, and an identity marked by the powerful meaning behind life’s matrix. 

Cancer is naturally gentle, nurturing, romantic, empathic, and spiritual. During this time you will feel more in touch with these themes. All of the zodiac signs are assigned a modality from the following list: cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Cancer is in the cardinal grouping meaning it represents initiative and leadership. Cancerian energy is leading us through this cycle to profound psychic exploration and emotional depth. 

Cancer Season 2018

Five Ways to Experience Cancer Season 2018

Here are the five ways you can actualize this Cancer Season 2018 Sun sign horoscope in your own life regardless whether you are a Cancer Sun sign or not. The energy of this zodiac sign is being lit up by the Sun bringing Cancer themes to the forefront of our consciousness during this time. 

1: Find Romance 

Cancer is associated with romanticism and love. People with this zodiac sign are the most likely to cry at sad movies, fall in love quickly, and do most anything for their lovers. During this Cancer Season 2018 embrace your romantic side. 

Allow yourself to get swept up in the emotional depths of romance. People are more likely to be in touch with their authentic emotions during this time which will help open doorways to new relationships. Go on a date with a loved one and make sure to carve out special alone time with them.

Now is a great time to share with your special someone or your crush how you feel. Emotional vulnerability is easier to access. Cancer is associated with a desire for security; emotional, physical, and spiritual. Finding this in a partner is paramount to Cancer’s experience of love and romance. 

The gentle nature of Cancer creates a vibration of sensitivity and understanding. With your heightened sense of perception you can tune into your lover’s true intentions finding their authentic motivations creating a more intense bond. This can be a very empowering relationship moment for you. 

Cancer Season 2018 Love

2: Discover your Creativity 

Since Cancer is associated with the ocean this can also be likened to depth of creativity. The oceans are huge bodies of water largely undiscovered. We have the ability to imagine, invent, and speculate as to the nature of the mysteries of life.

Like the oceans we have infinite creative capabilities as the realm of our imagination has no boundaries. Cancer represents this energetic vibration to manifest and create. Whereas Gemini energy helps us come up with ideas, Cancer breathes emotional life into these ideas. 

During Cancer Season 2018 discover your center of creativity. Where in your soul are you channelling your own creative self? Do you feel you can be imaginative and emotionally connected to the people and world around you? Artists are able to get in touch with these centers and often know how to touch that place in others.

Master works of art, music, film, theatre, and fashion all tap into your emotional well of creativity. A raw expression of emotion or truly feeling your feelings can help get you to discover your creative self expression. The potential to create powerful works of art, writing, and music is possible when you open up to yourself in this way. 

Cancer Season 2018 Creativity

3: Nurture Your Soul

During this Cancer Season 2018 you should make sure to devote your time to doing what inspires you. Cancer individual’s have a deep internal drive to live authentically. If the life they are living is not authentic to them they are the most likely zodiac sign to make monumental life changes. Due to their security loving nature it may be hard to make a change but the cardinal nature of the zodiac sign drives them towards living their truth anyway.  

There will be an instinctual nature at this time keeping you more in tune with your passions and less with the elements of life you are obligated to perform. Find ways to nurture your soul. Feed your soul with the activities that bring you excitement, joy, and happiness. Cancer needs to feel comfortable and content in their life situation. 

Put effort towards whatever this may mean for you. Maybe you want to start creating your own business or new skill. You may be on a new path of spiritual self discovery or making major life decisions and choices at this time. The universe requests you nurture your soul by doing what inspires you, creating the spark that makes you uniquely you!

Cancer Sun Sign Inspiration

4: Be Near Water

The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with bodies of water especially the ocean. You can nourish yourself by honoring this element. Water is associated with emotional connection, love, and empathy.

When you tap into your emotional depths you are better able to experience life on a spiritual level. Being near water helps you to get in touch with the flow of life. The foundation of your existence is characterized by change and movement from one moment to the next.

Meditate near the ocean if you are able, if that is not possible then be near a river, lake, or waterfall instead. Contemplating the nature of water should allow you to connect deeper with your spirituality. 

You can also give yourself time to take a long hot bath or shower. Adding calming essential oils such as lavender or chamomile will add further layers of connection to this element. Drinking more water and eating summer fruits such as watermelon or strawberries is another tangible way to honor Cancer’s elemental association. 

Cancer Sun Sign Horoscope Water

5: Explore Your Psychic Abilities 

The Cancer Season 2018 Sun sign horoscope brings you an opportunity to explore your psychic abilities. This star sign is associated with intuition and spirituality. Cancer individuals typically have a heightened sense of perception. As the Sun is travelling through this zodiac sign the intuitive aspects of your psyche are being highlighted. 

The universe will open up those portals if you choose to explore them. Now is the perfect time to discover your psychic type or dominant psychic ability. Here are the four main psychic types:

  • Clairvoyant – The ability to see things visually in your mind’s eye. Such as visions, colors, auras, and shapes that hold symbolic significance in everyday life.
  • Clairaudience – The ability to hear your inner voice or your higher self. This typically comes through as an impression or thought. It does typically sound like someone is talking right in front of you. 
  • Clairsentience – The ability to receive psychic information through your body such as chills down your spine or your memory being triggered by a smell or sound. The signals your body gives you can be a sign that you are in touch with your instincts and intuition. 
  • Claircognizance – This is the ability to intuitively know something without one of your senses being activated. You just have a sense and suddenly are aware of information you did not seemingly know previously. 

This is a brief introduction to psychic type and most people are a combination of all four types in varying levels. The Sun in Cancer creates an increase in psychic skills making this the perfect time to develop your dominant type further!

Cancer Sun Sign Horoscope Psychic

June 21st starts off the Cancer Season 2018 alignment with the Summer Solstice. Our emotions are often heightened while the Sun is travelling through Cancer giving us an opportunity to get deeply in touch with the vibrations of love and intuition.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is in tune with the cycles of life and the changing of the seasons. This time of year is a portal for understanding yourself better in the great pattern of life.  Cancer Season 2018 is a potent time of transformation, spirituality, and growth.

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Cancer Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope - What You Need To Know
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Cancer Season 2018 Sun Sign Horoscope - What You Need To Know
Cancer Season 2018 Sun sign horoscope will give you insight into the energy that is present and what you need to know about this astrological zodiac cycle.
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