Sun Horoscopes

Monthly Sun Sign Horoscopes 2019

In our free monthly Sun sign horoscopes we will bring you the information you need for the month ahead! This monthly horoscope focuses on the position of the Sun in a particular star sign during its 12 month journey through the zodiac.

Each month the Sun moves into a new sign around the 20th of the month and takes a four week trip through that sign highlighting particular themes and energies.

The Sun horoscope will arm you with the best dates to utilize the astrological power present so you can move into each zodiac season with confidence!

There are twelve different Sun sign horoscope seasons to experience as we trace the Sun’s pattern in the sky over the course of a year.

The monthly Sun horoscopes will let you know what the vibe is and how the people around you will be responding to these astrological influences. Our Sun sign horoscopes are there to give you a guiding map for the weeks ahead.

The Sun’s movement around the zodiac has been a cornerstone of astrology for centuries. We all fall under the influence of the sign the Sun is occupying as it is the brightest luminary in the sky!

Expertly calculated this horoscope will feature advice and instructions on how to make the most of the present energy. You will know when it is best to put yourself out there or make a move! We will also be looking at the planetary positions in relation to the sun.

Through chart data of the current planetary weather we will synthesise the most pertinent information for you. Major transits happening around the time of the transition from one Sun sign to the next will be highlighted. The monthly Sun sign horoscope is your guiding map to each zodiac “season.”