How to Make the Most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018

On August 11th 2018 we have a special astrological event! Besides the New Moon occurring in the sign of Leo we will also be experiencing a partial solar eclipse. The energy of these events can be felt especially strong on the day of the New Moon and the week following. In this Moon Horoscope we will tell you the ways you can make the most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018!

New Moon in Leo August 2018

About The Leo Moon

The Moon changes zodiac sign every 2 1/2 days, therefore we have the opportunity to experience our changing moods with these constant shifts in astrological energy. While the Moon is in Leo, which is a fire sign, our emotions become more fired up, enlivened, and emboldened. 

Someone born while the Moon was in Leo is especially sensitive to the New Moon in Leo August 2018. When the Moon is in this zodiac sign we start to feel more passionate about our desires manifesting in our lives. The Leo Moon is associated with creativity, passion, and appreciation. During this Moon horoscope you may desire more appreciation for your accomplishments and you will be very open to giving appreciation to others. 

The energy of Leo represents wanting to feel loved and wanted at a deep core level. This is especially highlighted with the Moon in this sign, due to the fact that the Moon is symbolic of our emotions, feelings, and moods. During a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign. With so much energy in Leo at this time we have the opportunity to truly shift our focus towards understanding the themes behind this zodiac sign.

New Moon in Leo Chart

5 Ways to Make the Most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018 

As we get closer to the New Moon on August 11th we can embrace the current energy by taking action in line with the energy of the Leo New Moon. Here are the 5 ways to make the most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018!

1) Write Your Empowerment Story 

Leo, along with Gemini, is the best story teller in the zodiac. When the Moon is making a transit through this sign there is an urge to take control of our own narrative. Our deeply creative nature will want to come out, be seen, and validated. 

During this New Moon in Leo August 2018 start taking steps to embrace your own authority and autonomy. Leo’s symbol is a lion with undertones of self empowerment. You want to feel empowered during this time. Take back your power and find inspiration for yourself and your life! 

You have the creative power to weave your story into existence. The New Moon in Leo August 2018 is the perfect time to reflect and embrace this energy of personal power.

New Moon in Leo Book 

2) Develop Something New

During the new Moon phase is the best time of the lunar cycle to start something new. With the creative power of the zodiac sign of Leo on your side, your ideas are more likely to take root at this time. Start to sow the seeds of your idea; this may mean securing funding, starting a website, or developing your business plan. 

Leo is a very driven zodiac sign, with the Moon here you will feel more focused and determined to see your plans take shape. The New Moon in Leo August 2018 will allow you to get in touch with your immense power in the form of manifesting your ideas into the physical world. 

New Moon in Leo Something New

3) Say What You Mean

The zodiac sign of Leo is known for being forthright, opinionated, and at times very assertive. While the Moon is in Leo, along with Mercury in retrograde in Leo at this time, the words you say will really matter. Mercury is the planet of communication. Consider what points you want to get across and what the best most articulate way to do this may be. 

The energy of the New Moon in August 2018 will be perfect for focusing your attention on saying what you mean. There is no need to rush, instead take your time in developing your ideas, points, and arguments. You will be able to come across with thoughts that are meaningful and well thought out. 

New Moon in Leo Speak Your Mind

4) Watch the Annual August Meteor Shower! 

Every year we get to experience the Perseid meteor shower around early to mid August. This year is special in that the meteor shower is accompanied by the New Moon in Leo! One way you can embrace the energy surrounding this New Moon is by observing this spectacular astronomical event. Here are some tips from NASA on viewing the meteor shower. 

Just like the fiery sign of Leo, a meteor represents heat, passion, and action. Take some time out of your regular activities to witness the expansive nature of the universe. Leo is symbolic of acting and theatre. This event is perfect for the Leo New Moon August 2018 as it is nature’s performance. 

New Moon in Leo Meteor Shower

5) Open Up to New Love 

As the New Moon is the best time to start something and Leo is associated with romance, this makes the New Moon in Leo August 2018 the perfect time to open up a to new love interest! Could someone new be entering into your life? Starting a relationship during this time will feel hopeful and animated. 

You will enjoy being around others, socializing, and enthusiastic about love. The fresh energy of the New Moon and partial solar eclipse will bring your passionate desires to the forefront of your mind. If you are already in a relationship then take this time to rekindle your romance! 

New Moon in Leo August 2018 Romance


The New Moon in Leo August 2018 is a powerful time in the Lunar cycle. You have the opportunity to embrace this intense energy in the days leading up to and following the New Moon. When the Moon is in Leo you have the advantage of being more in touch with your personal power, skills, and creative abilities. How do you plan on making the most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018?

How to Make the Most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018
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How to Make the Most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018
August 11th 2018 is the New Moon! Here is the Moon Horoscope where we will tell you the ways you can make the most of the New Moon in Leo August 2018!
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