Making the Most of the New Moon in Gemini June 13th 2018

The New Moon in Gemini on June 13th 2018 brings us an opportunity for a reset during this month. Every 29 1/2 days a New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon meet up in the same location in the night sky. This month the New Moon is happening in the zodiac sign of Gemini. 

The New Moon influence can be felt in the few days leading up to and a week after this phase of the lunar cycle. The Gemini New Moon combines the themes of the Sun in Gemini with a moodier or emotional quality. During this time we have an opportunity to open ourselves up to Gemini themes and set new intentions for the month ahead. 

On a spiritual level the archetype of Gemini is an alchemist tapping into the world of transformation and symbology. The New Moon phase brings out our desire to foster something new in our life. There is a compelling energy surrounding this time urging us to nurture our connection to consciousness, the cycles of time, and ourselves. Here are five ways you can make the most of the New Moon in Gemini June 13th 2018. 

New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini June 2018

1: Stargazing 

The zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with gadgets and tools such as telescopes and other night sky observing devices. During the New Moon phase you cannot see the Moon in the sky as the light is being completely blocked by the movement of the Earth and the Sun. This is where we get the term “Dark Moon” from as the night sky is devoid of the Moon’s light during the New Moon. 

Stargazing is best done on a dark night. Embrace the curious energy of Gemini by observing the constellations. As the New Moon is a time of setting intentions allow yourself to meditate on the vastness of the universe. Discovering the location of the different start systems and viewing certain planets in the sky can create a sense of wonder and connection with your spirituality. Contemplate the patterns and fabric of the night sky during this New Moon in Gemini!

New Moon in Gemini Stargazing

2: Tell Stories with Tarot 

The energy of Gemini is associated with understanding symbol systems. Tarot is one such system that Gemini is naturally adept at interpreting in addition to the storytelling abilities of this zodiac sign. The New Moon is an excellent time to read your own tarot cards or read cards for someone else. The insights that come up can provide you with powerful insights into the month ahead.

When you read tarot you weave together a story of symbols, pictures, and ideas. Take time during this New Moon in Gemini to create your own story. Ponder the images of the cards you draw up and look deep inside yourself to see how they relate to your current life path. Journaling or writing out your thoughts on your relationship to tarot can reveal profound insights at this time. You will be more susceptible to the psychic energy that tarot has to offer. 

New Moon in Gemini Tarot

3: Create, Draw, Imagine

The New Moon is like a portal from the universe allowing creative spiritual energy to enter into your life. The zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with imagination and cleverness. Explore your natural talents during this New Moon in Gemini cycle. There will be a distinct urge to make things and dream up new ideas. 

Express yourself through art, drawing, music, or writing. Gemini is associated with the arms and hands making this an excellent time to make things that require a focus on detail and design. Your life is like a blank slate during the New Moon phase ready to be filled with inventive and new things!

The spiritual pathways are accessible to bring you inspiration. There is an openness during the New Moon that allows you to explore the world of imagination. This is a great time to lay the groundwork for a new creative project. The universe is on your side as you invent, draw up plans, or sketch out your next big thing!

New Moon in Gemini Creativity

4: Email, Messages, Respond, and Catch Up

As the New Moon represents the beginning phase of a cycle it is also a good time to take care of some business. The archetype of Gemini is associated with communication which includes emails, texts, letters, etc. During the New Moon in Gemini cycle is a great time to tie up loose ends. Respond to emails or letters you have been meaning to get to. Go through your mail and pay any outstanding bills or subscriptions. 

The flow of communication will come easiest the day following the New Moon on June 14th 2018. You will have a renewed sense of energy at this time. In addition to catching up on messages and emails you can also clean up your living spaces as a way to honor the New Moon energy. Starting the cycle off right will give you a fresh perspective and clear out your mental clutter. 

New Moon in Gemini Emails

5: Visit a Local Library 

Gemini energy loves to learn new things, languages, and ideas! During this New Moon in Gemini embrace this theme and visit your local library, community charity shop, or bookstore. Take time to read message boards and see what is going on in your local community. Make plans to attend events happening right in your neighborhood. 

Other people around you will have the same idea so participation in community events should increase around this time! The New Moon in Gemini is a great opportunity to meet new people and commit yourself to a community cause or need. Your involvement will be greatly appreciated by those around you!

New Moon in Gemini Community

Overall this New Moon in Gemini on June 13th 2018 will have a harmonious and light hearted flow to it. There are ample opportunities to make a spiritual connection with the world around you and also make lasting connections within your local communities. Pull out your tarot deck and see what insights the New Moon in Gemini has in store for you! How do you plan to experience it?

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New Moon in Gemini June 13th 2018 - Everything You Need To Know
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New Moon in Gemini June 13th 2018 - Everything You Need To Know
The New Moon in Gemini on June 13th 2018 brings us an opportunity for a reset. Here are five ways to make the most of the New Moon in Gemini in June 2018!
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