Make the Most of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 2019

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2019

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer on 2 July 2019 continues the two year “Eclipse Season”, a season that began around July of 2018 and ends in July 2020. This re-emphasises the current astrological Cancer/Capricorn theme at play in the heavens at the moment, and can be an intense and deeply emotional period.

Eclipses are “supercharged” New Moons and happen when the Earth, Moon and Sun align to effectively block out the light, causing darkness from our viewpoint here on earth. The energies are often found to be much more increased, and intentions we set or things we call into manifestation have the potential to become somewhat unmanageable, as the karmic doors are flung open and we are called to heal past wounds. This can be a tremendously healing time, if we are willing to work on balance and compromise between two essential areas of life – our need for connection and our need for recognition.

This New Moon sets things in motion for another 6 months, until the Full Moon in Cancer around January 2020.

About the Cancer New Moon

A New Moon in Cancer is generally all about new beginnings in the home, the family and can herald the start of a new emotional journey for us, wherever that may be in life. With a total Solar Eclipse, we may experience immense upheaval in these areas of life, and may be called to look at what we truly need in our lives to feel nurtured and safe.

With Cancer being a water sign, the chances are that we could feel intensely emotional around this time, and perhaps like we are a bit “in the dark”. Eclipses are generally somewhat challenging, as the symbolism of the light being blocked here on earth indicates that hidden, unconscious things come out of the woodwork, things that we may have felt were resolved, but aren’t.

Now is the time to truly start again and create safe spaces for ourselves, to “come home” to our roots and find security, emotional and physical. We may feel as if the call to heal is accelerated, and the universe is sending us a kind of cosmic message to create important change. With an eclipse, we always have to give something up in order to get what we want, and so now is a time in which certain sacrifices may have to be made for that safety we crave.

Energies affecting this New Moon

This Eclipse has some very intense energies around it – with the Moon as the “ruler” of Cancer, she’s at home, and so there is opportunity for us to work through the powerful, sweeping emotions around at this time.

However, this Eclipse does have some tough aspects as Saturn and Pluto in rigid Capricorn oppose this New Moon, asking us to negotiate the often-tough balance between what we want to achieve in the outside world, what we need to take responsibility for, and what we want to achieve when it comes to our inner worlds. External events around family and career, for example, can throw us into crisis and ask for a new beginning to be forged, and a sense of balance to be created.

Mars and Mercury have a tough square on this same day, and so the advice is to not make any rushed decisions or act impulsively, fuelled by these strong emotions. We need to keep a level head and go carefully, lest we set something in motion that goes far beyond us. Fortunately, the trine from Neptune towards the New Moon softens things a little and helps us to be guided by our intuition.

How to make the Most of the New Moon for each Sign

Cancer Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

Aries and Aries Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your fourth house, Aries, lighting up your home and family area and asking you to truly explore what “home” means to you. You may suddenly move house, or even relocate in the next few months, which is something you’ll have to balance against your career.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

Even you, Taurus, may be prone to making a split-second decision now, particularly relating to a course of study or a travel decision – a choice which will unfold over the next several months and potentially create a lot of growth for you. A balance of structure and safety will be required for you to feel secure.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

How you value yourself and your sense of worth will be highlighted with this Eclipse, Gemini, and you will have to learn to take financial responsibility for yourself in order to create a greater sense of personal independence. Take your time, and make sure not to rush things!

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This is a very powerful New Moon for you, Cancer, in your own sign. You may find yourself at the precipice of a profound new personal beginning, which could have you facing a tough choice in your closest relationship – to commit, or to break free? The choice is yours.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Eclipse has you feeling very impulsive and the caution is to slow down before you rush in, Leo. Finding a balance between what you need to do each day to create security for yourself, as well as taking a moment to rest and replenish – if not, you may be facing health consequences over the next few months.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

There are some new beginnings for you when it comes to realising your personal goals and aspirations, Virgo, though you’ll have to work hard to make them a reality. Finding new allies to help you may be the key to success, which could unfold positively over the next six months.

Libra and Libra Rising

This can feel like an intense New Moon for you, Libra, as it highlights a possibly huge change when it comes to your career and doing what your heart feels called to do. Yet, you’ll have to lay down a firm foundation in order to support you over the next while so that you can spread your wings.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Eclipse guides you to find your heart’s desires when it comes to exploring the big, wide world out there, and some of you may begin a physical journey that blows you wide open. As long as you do this responsibly, enormous growth can be yours.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Eclipse highlights what power means to you, Sagittarius, and how you can feel safe financially and materially with your partner. A balance needs to be struck, and you may find that a powerful new beginning can happen when it comes to your resources – if you choose to make a strong commitment.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Eclipse can herald a new start in your relationships, Capricorn, and many of you may hear wedding bells. The trick is to make sure that there is enough space for your personal identity to flourish inside of a committed partnership.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

If you’re looking for a new bill of health, or even new work, Aquarius, then this is the time where you can get what you need, and be led by your intuition. Try not to jump into anything too soon until you’ve tested the waters, particularly when dealing with others one-to-one.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Eclipse falls in your creativity and children zone, Pisces, which could indicate a pregnancy or themes related to what you create, and it’s a time in which you find nurturing through these topics. Try and allow yourself to receive as much as you are giving now, and avoid wearing yourself out through impulsive action.

3 Tips for making the most of the New Moon in Cancer

1. Balance Family and Career – the Cancer/Capricorn energies at this New Moon can ask us to find a harmony in these two areas; to “master” ourselves in our work as well as find space for the love of family and home.

2. Don’t be Impulsive – with the powerful emotions at play, we may react too quickly, and ignore our intuition, so listen deeply before making any decisions.

3. Follow your Gut – tune into what your spirit and heart is saying at this New Moon Eclipse, and once you’ve heard the voice, be sure to follow your gut – it won’t lead you astray!

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Summary of the New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer

This New Moon Eclipse is very powerful and likely to create deep and turbulent emotions – however, it is also a time where we lay our intentions from the heart, and explore what makes us feel safe and nourished, setting those needs into motion. We need to balance our heart’s desires with practical reality and make sure we have proper structures in place, which will help us to avoid impulsive actions we could regret.

Make the Most of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 2019
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Make the Most of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 2019
The upcoming New Moon in Cancer on 2 July 2019 continues the two year “Eclipse Season”, a season that began around July of 2018 and ends in July 2020.
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