How to Make the Most of the Full “Snow” Moon in Leo, February 2020

Full Snow Moon in Leo, February 2020

Like the name suggests, the “Snow” Full Moon in Leo on 9 February, 2020, comes at a time when most of the Northern hemisphere is under snow, when it’s the coldest time of year, the deepest, darkest Winter! It’s also been called the “Hunger Moon” or the “Storm Moon” by some tribes.

This Full Moon is a time in which we can see the results of what we set out to do some 6 months ago, around August of 2019. This is a time of fruition, of joy and of fulfilment in some level, perhaps romantically or within the family environment!

About the Leo Full Moon

The astrological sign of Leo is a dramatic one – a Full Moon in this fixed fire sign feels it all, and we could all be feeling over-the-top emotions, whether it’s joy, anger, sadness or delight! The best way to use the fiery, warm energy of a Full Moon in Leo is to simply express ourselves, releasing the feelings through dance, play, creativity and with our loved ones.

It’s not a time to bottle things up – though we may have to be careful of blowing a situation out of proportion. Let this Full Moon be a time to balance emotion and reason – with the Sun in Aquarius, we have to have a certain level of objectivity, too!

Energies affecting this Full Moon

This is one of those rare Full Moons where there aren’t any bad planetary aspects to it – sure, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are lingering in Capricorn, reflecting a great deal of general pressure overall, but still, this Full Moon is pretty much untouched!

The ruler of the Moon, the Sun, is in airy Aquarius, lending a breezy, innovative energy, and helping to balance the focus of “me” with “the other” – i.e. our friends and groups. This Full Moon allows us to see the results of the hard work we’ve been putting into ourselves, and how we can now share that with our community!

The sweet sextile to a passionate Mars in Sagittarius gives this Full Moon loads of energy, so it can be a great time to go out and shake our tailfeathers!

How to make the Most of the Full Moon for each Sign

Aries and Aries Rising

This is such a playful Full Moon for you, Aries – make this a time of fun and self-expression, and enjoy the rewards of your creative energy over the last several months! This is a great time to bask in the limelight and get all the love you crave.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

The demands of the world out there can clash with the need to be alone and private, Taurus. Celebrate your achievements over this Full Moon though – don’t hide your creative self away! This is a time of great success, professionally speaking!

Gemini and Gemini Rising

It could be a time where you and your partner decide to cash in on an adventure, Gemini – or perhaps it’s time to wrap it up and settle for some calmness. Don’t let indecision befuddle your mind – lead with your heart over this Full Moon.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

A Full Moon in your self-worth zone shows how far you’ve come over the last 6 months, Cancer. It’s been a wild ride, and this is a good time to cash in on your talents – financially and otherwise. Share what you have, but also be sure to look after you.

Leo and Leo Rising

A Full Moon in your sign allows for both a personal and a relationship- orientated topic to come to fruition. This may be a time of solidifying a relationship – or releasing it. Listen to what your gut says, and not your head.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon has you hanging up your party shoes and spending some time alone, integrating the full effects of the last few months. It’s a brilliant time to let go of any baggage related to feelings of insecurity, Virgo. Believe in yourself.

Libra and Libra Rising

The efforts you’ve been putting into your friendships will pay off beautifully now, Libra. This is a time to celebrate your successes and have a bit of a party – go wild! You’re feeling hugely energised and passionate, which could lead to certain crush being pursued.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

If there was ever a time to get yourself into the world, this is that time, Scorpio. You’re so visible now that you’re practically blinding, so whether its’ a social media campaign you wanna get going, or a professional project you want recognition for, this is the time to soak it all up.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

The world beckons, Sagittarius, and you’re in a place where you’ve achieved what you’ve been studying or working so hard for. The results are bound to be positive, so make this a time where you let your hair down and celebrate! You’ve got a huge amount of energy, so use it wisely.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Emotions run deep over this Leo Full Moon, Capricorn, and you could be opening up to new levels of intimacy. Decisions around finances are really important and help to get closer to someone you care about.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Affairs of the heart reach a point in which things get moving, Aquarius – despite your desire to be the independent one, there’s so much room for togetherness and self-expression in that safe container. Children, romance and commitment are all big topics now.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Things at work reach a peak, Pisces and the peak could be very positive indeed! Although a few old projects fall away, new ones may come to take their place, so don’t lose that motivational streak you’ve got going. Also – make some time to escape and rest, otherwise you could feel overwhelmed.

3 Tips for making the most of the Full Moon in Leo

1. Go out and Dance!

All Full Moons are expressive and fun – after all, it’s the time of the month where few people actually sleep, which is ideal for partying the might away! A true Leo never stops the fun, so go out and have a ball – you know you want to! Wear some glitter, splash on makeup or wear your favourite shirt and call up a few friends for a dance. You won’t regret it!

2. Shine!

Leo is a proud individual and a true leader. This is your time to shine, to put yourself in the limelight and shine to the world. Express yourself in whatever way works for you, whether it’s dancing, singing, creating kicks presentation or getting your hair done! Don’t be afraid not to blend in with the group over this Full Moon.

3. Put energy behind your passion

With a helpful sextile to motivated Mars, this Full Moon invites you to put your money where your mouth is, and to go out and do what your heart desires. There’s a boost of oomph out there for you right now, especially when it comes to a personal desire you’ve been working on for a few months. Act! Your time is now!

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Summary of the Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo is a feel-good Moon, filled to the brim with energy, passion and perhaps a touch of drama! Life would be boring if we simply moved through it objectively and without engagement, and so the lovely energy exchange between the cool Sun in Aquarius and the fiery Leo Moon shows us how both rationality and passion can live side by side.

We have a strong need for self-expression over this Full Moon, balanced with the “vibe” of the group – socialising is a hot topic now! We’re feeling motivated, driven, ready to go, firing on all cylinders and we are willing to show up and be available to the world with all of our unique skills!

How to Make the Most of the Full “Snow” Moon in Leo, February 2020
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How to Make the Most of the Full “Snow” Moon in Leo, February 2020
The Full Moon in Leo is a feel-good Moon, filled to the brim with energy, passion and a touch of drama! Learn to make the most of it for your zodiac sign.
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