Make the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 2020

Make the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 2020

Out of all the Eclipses that have happened this year and will still happen, this is certainly the “friendliest” of them.

Not that Eclipses are by any means easy for anyone, but at least it won’t rock the 2020 boat as hard as some other cosmic configurations!

Happening on November the 30th, this is a time where accelerations in consciousness happen, a kickstart (or end) from the universe.

About the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipses are not the most gentle of the Eclipse types.

This supercharged Full Moon raises energies even higher, making things seem frantic and intense.

Eclipses are classically a time where the “light of consciousness” – i.e., the Sun’s light – are blocked from view, and old wounds and traumas creep in.

Gemini is associated with education, communication, travel and the mind, as well as extended family, so don’t be surprised if you receive sudden news or closures in any one of these topics.

Keywords for this Eclipse are: communication, learning, facts, details, the news, gossip, the media, siblings, neighbours, education, writing, and travel.

Energies affecting Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The ruler of this Gemini Full Moon Eclipse is Mercury, the planet that symbolises the mind and communication.

Mercury has been in Scorpio for quite some time now, due to his Retrograde motion a few weeks ago.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, nothing misses our notice. We are paranoid, suspicious, all-seeing and perceptive.

Mercury is well-aspected to equally deep Pluto via a soft sextile, as well as bigger-picture Jupiter, and grounded Saturn.

For once, we can probably make some well-thought out decisions over this Eclipse.

With the Moon in Gemini, we are checking and double-checking our facts.

Good, serious, insightful conversations and decisions happen over this Eclipse, helping us to let go of outworn ideas and states of mind.

Those of us in teaching or education, writing or learning, may reach a high point, an achievement over this Eclipse.

Venus, also in Scorpio, is configured to Uranus via an opposition, so relationships are also a part of this Eclipse.

Eclipse usually denote endings and culminations, so some of us may suddenly decide to leave a relationship, or seek more freedom within it.

We just need to be mindful of creating unnecessary drama or looking for a power struggle.

How to make the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for each Sign

Aries and Aries Rising

Aries, this Eclipse may have some of you publishing your work, registering for a course or celebrating an educational achievement in some shape, way or form, especially when it relates to your career.

This is the time to ask for – and get – more money.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

The Full Moon Eclipse falls in your financial zone, Taurus which equals a financial culmination, and possibly a situation in which you lose out, have to let go or rework a deal, contract or negation.

Be sure to check your facts and celebrate if you’ve achieved a financial goal.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This is an Eclipse in your very own sign, Gemini! Get ready for a two-year story, because this is just the start.

Your relationships are every much a focus now, and you may reach a decision or high point, or even decide to release and let go of someone if it’s not working.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This is an inner Eclipse for you, Cancer, and is all about coming to a place where you recognise and release the past, release baggage and say goodbye.

It’s not easy and you may find some old wounds and traumas come flooding back. Try to stay grounded, rested and compassionate.

Leo and Leo Rising

This is an Eclipse, Leo, where you can see the result of the goals you set several months ago.

Now is the culmination of those dreams and hopes, and the opportunity to rework or release them. You may also have a friend or lover “eclipsed” from your life in some way.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This is an important Eclipse for you, Virgo. It falls in your career zone, which can bring along a sweeping change in this area of your life, such as a promotion, role change or even a career switch.

This should come as no surprise; you have been working towards this for quite some time.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Eclipse could have you needing to release or rework your financial debts, Scorpio, or dealing with payments from clients and companies for a job well done.

This is a good time to initiate a negotiation to make it work in your favour.

Libra and Libra Rising

Libra, it’s a time where you are releasing and renewing travel plans, maybe undersetting that you have to cancel that plane ticket or postpone your trip.

Try to, instead, get away for a local weekend away if you can, or sign up for a course. Alternatively you could be completing a course of studies now.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This is an important Eclipse for you, Sagittarius, as it falls in your sign, too.

This is a time where relationships are the most important area of focus for you, and will stay that way over the next several years.

It’s time to take things to the next level, Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

A work project reaches a culmination, a fruition, Capricorn. You may have been working on something for the last several months, and it’s time to call it a day and celebrate how far you have come.

Release and let go so you can make space for the new!

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, love, romance and socialising are the areas to focus on for this Full Moon Eclipse.

You may be saying goodbye to a someone, or even getting to a point where the relationship has to go to the next level.

In more extreme cases, it’s not uncommon to get news of a pregnancy!

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Pisces, the space you have been in, physically, may have come to its natural end.

Maybe it’s time to move and look to new horizons, to understand that a home or family situation has reached its climax.

This doesn’t have to be too difficult, as you seldom find it hard to surrender and trust in the greater plan.

3 Tips for Making the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

1. Avoid Drama

Gemini can be a sign that buys into drama and gossip; and the “dark twin” can take over.

Try not to enmesh yourself in conflict or negativity.

2. Balance Facts With The Bigger Picture

As the Sun is in Sagittarius, opposing the Moon in Gemini, it’s a good idea to make sure you are mentally balanced and steady.

Look at the bigger picture – have you missed something because you got embroiled in the small details?

3. Review and Release Travel Plans

With much of the world going back into Lockdown, the travel industry is set to change long-term.

This is a two-year story, so think about what’s important to you, and how you can still explore and expand within your local area.

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Summary of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is not as nasty of an Eclipse as some others.

With that said, we are looking at situations that are coming to an end and have to change – and some drama if we aren’t mindful!

With Mercury’s strong, insightful placement and aspects, we are better able to make careful, well-thought out decisions for the future.

We are also more perceptive in general, and can use our suspicions to our advantage rather than get obsessive.

Make the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 2020
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Make the Most of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 2020
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th, 2020, is not as nasty of an Eclipse as some others. Learn how to make the most of it!
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