Making the Most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018

On July 27th 2018 we will have a Full Moon in Aquarius accompanied by a total Lunar Eclipse. As the Moon does not generate its own light but rather is reflecting the light of the Sun it brings to the surface a gentle illumination and reminder of aspects of life that need to be brought to our awareness. A Full Moon is often associated with heightened sensation, an opening of spiritual abilities, and a little bit of drama. Here is the monthly Full Moon horoscope for July 2018!

Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018

A Little About the Full Moon

In order for a Full Moon to occur the Sun has to be exactly opposite the Moon in the night sky. During the Full Moon in Aquarius we are playing with the energy of this zodiac sign along with Leo, Aquarius’ opposite sign. This Full Moon energy can be best felt in the week leading up to and the day after the Full Moon. 

In astrology when two planets create an opposition to each other, whether in transit or in your natal chart, there is often a deeper layer of balance and compromise being sought. You generally will end up expressing one side of the spectrum more than the other in your search for the perfect balance.

The emotions that flood in around the Full Moon are a reminder that often dredges up feelings, thoughts, and desires you have pushed down into the depths of your psyche. Full Moons are astrology’s portal into a spiritual realm of greater knowledge and understanding about ourselves. 

Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Keywords for the Full Moon in Aquarius

  • Perspective 
  • Integrity 
  • Intellect 
  • Belonging 
  • Persistence

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018 

When we have a Full Moon in Aquarius the energy is very heady, intellectual, and cerebral due to Aquarius being an air sign. This points to the areas in which we will be experiencing this Full Moon energy most; in our minds. Pay close attention to your thought process, intellectualizing emotion, and conversations you have with others during this time. The doorway is open for juicy philosophical debating.

So how can you best embrace the Full Moon in Aquarius energy that is present at this time? Here are 5 ways you can make the most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018!

1) Change Your Perspective

One of the best things you can do during this Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018 is try to gain a different perspective on something. Take some time during the week to talk to someone new, check out the other side of a political argument, or explore alternative spiritual practices than your own.

The point is to shift your view point from your typical perspective. This will give you the chance to mentally walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit. Aquarius energy is all inclusive and open. Embrace this side of the Full Moon in Aquarius by giving yourself the chance to open up a bit to new experiences. 

Full Moon in Aquarius Perspective

2) Do Not Give Up

Aquarius is a fixed sign, along with Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo, this gives these zodiac signs the gift of persistence. During the Full Moon in Aquarius if you have something that you need to complete, something you have been trying to accomplish, or a job you have been after and you feel like giving up, think again. Remember to not give up on your dreams! Aquarius energy is known to be inventive and intellectual. Think of some ways you may be able to expand your horizons or try to reach your goal in a new and interesting way!

Full Moon in Aquarius Persist

3) Lunar Eclipse Revelations 

This Full Moon in Aquarius also coincides with a total Lunar Eclipse; which can be viewed if you live in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia. During this astronomical event the Earth’s shadow passes between the Sun and Moon. This momentarily causes the light reflected off of the Moon to be blocked.

Keep in mind that any revelations or information you get during an eclipse often has more to it than at first meets the eye. Following a Lunar Eclipse review what thoughts, experiences, or news you may have received at that time. See if there are more facts or people’s stories you need to gather before making your next move!

Full Moon in Aquarius Eclipse

4) Just Be Yourself  

If its one thing Aquarius individuals are typically known for it is leaving their unique imprint on the world. People with this star sign are not afraid to be themselves. Through a complete authentic expression of their identity; in fashion choices, political statements, choice in romantic partner, and everything in between, are important aspects to the Aquarius life journey. During this Full Moon in Aquarius just be yourself. The energy is open right now so you can feel more comfortable showing who you really are to the world. 

5) Explore the Spiritual Aspects to Technology 

Technology has some interesting facets to it and is often associated with Aquarius for it’s unifying and future oriented aspects. Is there a spiritual aspect to technology? During the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018 explore technology related to spirituality. For example, the internet provides you the opportunity to find spiritual communities online. The internet also provides you with information on practically any spiritual topic you can think of.

Also, you can take on some big Aquarius themed thought challenges; does artificial intelligence have a spirit or mind, is it possible to upload one’s consciousness to a computer, is virtual reality a legitimate form of reality beyond this physical one? Thinking about these topics during the Full Moon in Aquarius may lead you to some very valuable and interesting conclusions. 

Full Moon in Aquarius Tech Future

Take Away 

The Full Moon in Aquarius horoscope is reading as a very mentally stimulating time in the Lunar cycle. The addition of the Total Lunar Eclipse at this time makes this Full Moon even more powerful. Your energy will be heightened during this time and you may have a lot to process and think about. Aquarius energy is very future minded, open, and heady. Use this Full Moon in Aquarius to expand your mind and gain new perspectives. What are your plans for the Full Moon this July 2018?

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Making the Most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018
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Making the Most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018
On July 27th 2018 is the Full Moon in Aquarius accomanied by a total lunar eclipse. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018!
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