How to Make the Most of the Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini, 12 December 2019

Full Cold Moon in Gemini December 2019

Brrr, it’s getting chilly out there, at least in the Northern Hemisphere where the nights are extra-long and the days are chillier and chiller! Aptly named then, this Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini is happening on 12 December 2019. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this is the time of year heralding the true start of Winter, a time to hunker down and keep warm!

It’s also called, by Native Americans, the “Long Night Moon”, which speaks for itself – this Full Moon is the one that happens closest to the Winter Solstice. Definitely a time to snuggle inside and wait for warmer days!

About the Gemini Full Moon

As a 2-year cycle of Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn come to an end, so starts the cycle of Eclipses in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. And whilst this is not an Eclipse, it will give just a hint of the kinds of themes that will come up over the course of 2020 when the Sun and Moon meet up in this pair of signs.

Keywords like freedom, learning, information, philosophy and beliefs are ones to hold onto during this Full Moon, and maybe this is a time where we begin to release outdated philosophies, ideas and thoughts which are simply no longer relevant! This Full Moon in Gemini is a climax of the last 6 months, and whatever we’ve been holding onto mentally or spiritually can be purged now!

Energies affecting this Full Moon

The Gemini Full Moon has a challenging square to planet Neptune – this archetype is all about illusions, fantasies, delusions, dreams and escapism. Instead of letting this Full Moon be a time of unhealthy escape, let it be a time of escaping from toxic addictions, including addiction to a thought system, a dogmatic philosophy, or even a tangible addiction such as sugar or alcohol. We could be tempted at this Full Moon to fall into patterns of dependency, the universe is offering a way out.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury, uncomfortably situated in Sagittarius, making us perhaps prone to exaggerating thoughts, having big ideas that go nowhere – though can help us speak our truth, directly and without shame. This will help in terms of our relationships, which look to be under strain as Venus sits sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto, reflecting a feeling of insecurity and unlovability – let us not fall into codependency to fill up the emptiness, but rather to a spiritual idea that can help us keep the faith.

How to make the Most of the Full Moon for each Sign

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon is a time to get rid of beliefs and ideas that have been holding you back, and to release negative thought patterns that may hamper you from reaching your full potential, Aries! Be clear about what you need and desire most right now – and don’t let that be taken advantage of.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

As you know, material security is important to your sign, and this Full Moon shows you the results of the last 6 months’ investments – were they smart, and did you value yourself enough? Now is the time to tell; reflect if your goals were/are in line with what you’re financially gaining.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

A Full Moon in your own sign highlights your relationships, Gemini – and there may be a few deceptions on your part of the part of your honey that comes out to be resolved. Don’t play smoke and mirrors – be honest and truthful and it’ll help you reach a state of forgiveness.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon will have you dig deep, Cancer, and have a look at any psychological fears or anxieties which may be running programs in your head. Remove any lifestyle habit that exacerbates your anxieties, and find yourself much healthier for it, emotionally and physically.

Leo and Leo Rising

Now is the time to divest yourself of alliances that may not be holding your best interests in mind, Leo, whether that’s a friendship, community or lover you’ve been spending time with. There’s something you’re not seeing right now, which will make itself clear after the Full Moon.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Something in your career has reached a head now, Virgo, and you’ll have to decide in which direction you want to go, and what you can finally release. Run it by your partner to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Libra and Libra Rising

Compromise is great Libra, but is there a need or desire you’re not communicating now? Do you say one thing and believe another? Try and own up to that, especially when it comes to your professional life – this is a time in your life where you need to put down a few boundaries.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Today marks the 6 month climax of a financial issue, and it’ll be a good time to air your ideas out with openness and honesty, especially when it comes to your kids and/or your partner. Finding a good balance between giving and receiving will be constructive for you.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

The other half of this Full Moon, the Sun is in your sign, which means that the emphasis is very much on your independence as well as your relationships. The last 6 months have built to this point, and it’s time to make a decision based on what’s coming up – and be honest about what you want.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Work matters reach ahead now, and the day to day running of things is highlighted – have you done your best to make sure that business is taken care of, or are there changes that need to be made? Make sure you’re communicating as clearly as possible when it comes to your career.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Friendships are important to you, but so should be your individual self-expression – make time for you and your mates, as well as balancing time with your lover. It’s not always an easy balance to achieve, and you could feel a little confused about your values now.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Maybe this Full Moon shows you what needs to be balanced or changed in your home and work life, Pisces. You have to know exactly what you want, or otherwise you’ll be walked all over. This is the peak of the confusion, so make sure big decisions are avoided until after the Full Moon.

5 Tips for making the most of the Full Moon in Gemini

1. Reflect on what ideas you need to release

The Gemini Full Moon is all about your mind, and looking at whether your current ideologies are correct, or need some tweaking. Maybe you’ve had a particular idea about someone or something that you now need to let go of.

2. Avoid Codependent Relationship Patterns

This Full Moon chart shows some difficult relationship patterns that need to be released – where could you be holding on too tightly, or trying to control things? Gently let go and forgive yourself.

3. Give yourself some extra Love

You’ll need it, as this is the type of Full Moon which could leave you feeling a bit empty – say loving things to yourself, write yourself a love letter and praise yourself – be your own best friend!

4. Get Real with Yourself

Don’t run away from uncomfortable truths – rather sit down and be honest with yourself; know your limits and your abilities ,and work towards your strengths. Above all, don’t deceive yourself!

5. Let your Intellect and Philosophies Align

Sagittarius rules philosophies, and Gemini rules the intellect – when we say what we think, but don’t believe in what we say, we can find ourselves at odds with the world and with others. Make sure that what you deeply believe, and what you say, are in balance.

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Summary of the Full Moon in Gemini

This isn’t the easiest of Full Moons, and at best, we can find a deeper, spiritual connection, learning to let go of bad habits around dependency and embrace a more authentic connection to ourselves and others in our lives.

Some ideas and philosophies need to be reworked over this Full Moon, and we will need to release mental baggage that we may be unnecessarily carrying around.

How to Make the Most of the Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini, 12 December 2019
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How to Make the Most of the Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini, 12 December 2019
Some ideas and philosophies need to be reworked over the Full Cold Moon in Gemini (12 December 2019). Learn how to make the most of it.
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