Moon Horoscopes

New and Full Moon Sign Horoscopes

How do you think the Moon in astrology influences your life? We will bring you the bi-weekly Moon sign horoscope so you can have a detailed picture of the days leading up to the new or full Moon!

The Moon takes 2 and half days to travel through each sign and every 28 days makes a complete rotation through the zodiac. The Moon’s light is a reflection from the Sun and this implies the contemplative and nurturing role the Moon plays in astrology. From our perspective the Moon appears to lose and gain light creating what we call the phases of the Moon.

Harnessing the power of the Lunar energy can help bring you balance and more in tune with the rhythms of nature. The Moon sign horoscope will give you specific ways you can bring the potential of the Moon’s wisdom into your life.

With a precise analysis of each Moon phase we will give you the tools to know how to embrace the Lunar energy best. Knowing when to take it easy or make a move. In general the new Moon is for getting projects off the ground and new beginnings. The full Moon represents a time of culmination. Everything you started at the New Moon will be coming to fruition at this time.

The Moon sign Horoscope will also calculate other planetary positions activating each moon phase.

This Moon horoscope will give you powerful energy and advice to take what you are working on to the next level. Knowledge of the Moon sign placement and phase can help push you in the right direction. Major aspect patterns and other astrological details will be provided to you with all of the information necessary to make the most of this horoscope.