Weekly Love Horoscope May 27th-June 2nd 2018

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Curious about how this week is shaping up for love and relationships? The week’s love horoscope for May 27th to June 2nd 2018 appears to be an emotional one! Intense spiritual connections and powerful epiphanies are likely as an opportunity exists this week to take some daring risks in love.

The Moon Meets Jupiter

The week starts off with an intense emotional contact between the Moon and the planet Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio. This sign is known for its fierce loyalty in relationships. There will be an intense desire to sacrifice your safety and comfort in the spirit of love this week. 

Leaving your sense of security behind you will feel more open to expressing your deeper emotional feelings with your partner. Scorpio is known for secrecy, however, with Jupiter traveling through this sign the chance of keeping feelings secret is slim. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when the Moon meets up there in this water sign passion runs very high and it is difficult to keep these feelings to yourself! 

Expect the chemistry with your partner or a new love interest to take a naughty turn. Playing around with power dynamics and your sensuality will be the focus of this week in relationships. With Mars the ruling planet of Scorpio moving through Aquarius the chance of experimenting in love is increased. Aquarius rarely does anything by the book and is known for having a unique way of expressing romance.

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Full Moon Adventures

Around mid week on May 29th there is a full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Known for positivity and a bold spirit of adventure this full Moon in Sagittarius will give you an added boost of confidence in love. With a wish to make your hearts desires come true you will feel more motivated than ever to put your heart on the line. With absolutely no fear you plow ahead! 

You allow intuition to guide you as you brazenly share your feelings with the person you have been admiring. 

Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur a mythological creature that is half human and half horse. Known for endurance and speed the symbol of the centaur characterizes this week for relationships. Bold expressions of love and dramatic declarations of romance are very likely during the days leading up to and just after the full Moon. A strong sense of lust and libido characterizes how you express affection at this time!

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Venus Opposes the Moon

By June 1st Venus in Cancer has moved into an opposition with the Moon in Capricorn. These two planets face off bringing awareness to the irrationality of relationship decisions made earlier in the week. There may be a moment of passing regret or questioning as to the bravery you experienced in declaring your feelings for someone during the full Moon. 

During this transit you are likely to have an overwhelming sense of genuine love for someone. You feel a longing as if there is something you need from your significant other. You desire to bring these feelings out in the open but may have a sudden moment of shyness that was not present earlier this week. Embrace your feelings and be open to being taken care of this week!

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Feels like Fate

Your relationships will have a spiritual overtone to them throughout this week as you get the sense that the connection you share with others holds deep meaning. The quality of your relationships will weigh strongly right now and you will put in extra effort towards keeping your bond solid. The planetary alignment between Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter adds an other worldly quality to love right now. 

There is an artistic nature in your approach to relationships as these three planets in position to each other increase your desire for a soulful connection. Use of poetry, romance, and flirtation will be the modalities in which love takes place at this time. You have a strong sense that belief is what keeps you together and there is an overall sense of fate compelling your actions.

If you meet someone new during this time it is likely that you will get completely absorbed in the glamour of your connection. There is a possibility that you will fall deeply in love during this time as Cupid’s powerful arrow strikes right at your hear strings during this transit.

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Deep Emotional Connections 

The strong activation of all the water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces this week sets you up for deep emotional connections in love for week of May 27th-June 2nd 2018. You are shocked by the empathy you are feeling for your partner and may need to take some space to collect yourself emotionally. There are very strong vibrations happening through these zodiac signs urging you to open yourself up emotionally to love and relating. 

Vulnerability allows you to have a deeper emotional connection to others than you may be used to. Sensitivity is a powerful force that can make you stronger and more resilient to relationship ups and down. Raw honesty opens up the pathways to profound relationship experiences. Chance encounters will be exceedingly meaningful. Dating and finding common ground will come easily if you are at the beginning stages of your relationship.

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Overall this week is full of relationship possibilities. There is potential for a wide range of emotional and romantic feelings to be expressed. On a very deep level there is a sort of alchemical connection being created between you and a significant other. On a very surface level you are given a confidence boost to make a bold declaration in love!

Finding your balance between emotional depth and romantic adventures will be your challenge for this week. Pay attention to the people coming in and out of your life at this time. There is something profound about the bonds being created during the weekly love horoscope of May 27th – June 2nd 2018. How to do you feel your relationships are being influenced by this weeks transits?

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weekly love horoscope May 27th to June 2nd 2018
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weekly love horoscope May 27th to June 2nd 2018
Curious about how this week is shaping up for love and relationships? The week’s love horoscope for May 27th to June 2nd 2018 appears to be an emotional one! Intense spiritual connections and powerful epiphanies are likely as an opportunity exists this week to take some daring risks in love.
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