Weekly Love Horoscope for May 20th-26th 2018

Are you interested in knowing what the stars have in store for love and relationships this week? Here is your weekly love horoscope for May 20th to 26th 2018 based on the current planetary weather and chart calculations. 

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Gentle Expression of Love

The week starts off with a pleasant romantic boost from Venus in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Venus moves through each sign quickly spending approximately 30 days in each sign. Our love planet Venus entered Cancer on Sunday May 20th and brings with it the need for gentle cuddly love. 

Expect for love to be expressed through sweet affection this week. For relationships that are just getting off the ground there may be a lot of discussion focused on your feelings and emotions. The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with being caring and putting other people’s needs before their own.

Relationships will tend to be extra giving and accommodating as the week starts out. Expect your sweetie to go out of their way to do things for you. Such as make you breakfast in bed, doing your chores around the house, and other practical displays of affection.

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Mars Adds a Twist

The incongruous aspect Mars in Aquarius is making to Venus at the start of the week will add an interesting flavor to this gentle expression of love. Mars in Aquarius adds an additional drive to create perfection in your relationship.

You will feel a strong desire to meet your partner’s needs but may get the feeling that it is harder to achieve the results you are looking for. Good intentions may come out more awkward than you intended! The ease of the Sun moving into Gemini on the 21st of May will help bring humor and lightness to the situation! 

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The Lunar Influence 

At the start of the week on May 20th the Moon in Leo is making a dynamic aspect to Mercury in Taurus. Both of these zodiac signs are known for getting their way! This may lead to some intense communication between you and your lover. You will have the opportunity to speak your peace and state what it is you truly want. Compromise may be harder to find at the beginning of the week! The gentle vibe of Venus in Cancer though should help soften this energy. 

May 22nd brings a grand Earth trine alignment between the planets Saturn, the Moon, and Mercury. This influence will be brief but can be an opportunity to check in with your significant other and set some boundaries or have a realistic conversation about your relationship. This grand Earth trine will help ground your partnerships and stabilize the somewhat stubborn energy you felt earlier in the week when the moon was transiting through the sign of Leo. 

Mid week on May 24th the Moon in Libra will create a harmonizing aspect to the Sun in Gemini. There is an opportunity here to clear out the lines of communication and find a healthy balance in your relationships. Both Gemini and Libra enjoy having fun and you will have more energy to go out and have a good time!

Expect for the people around you to feel more social and outgoing. This is a great time to meet someone new as the energy is ripe with anticipatory excitement! You will find that you connect easily with others. How you relate to others right now may feel as if you are juggling two sides of yourself. You are striving to make space for all parts of your personality to be expressed in love! There will be a sense of objective detachment but also emotional vulnerability. 

Love Horoscope Relationship Blocks

Venus and Saturn Face Off

On May 26th Venus in Cancer moves into an opposition with limit setting Saturn in Capricorn. The planet Saturn symbolizes boundaries and Venus symbolizes attraction. When the two planets face off in the sky there is a push pull effect in your relationships. You may feel a brief block in communication or that your emotional connection falls flat for the day with your significant other. If you are in a new relationship there is potential for it to hit a lull on this day. This influence will be short lived and you will easily be able to move on to having fun again as soon as it passes!

Some emotions may feel suppressed under the influence of this transit. You may feel particularly tongue tied or that you are not able to express your amorous feelings as freely as you would like. If channeled correctly you can use this time to self reflect and get in touch with what your true feelings are! If you have fallen head over heels for someone this is a good time to evaluate if your feelings are genuine regarding your new relationship or just a passing fancy!  

Your commitment to your relationship may deepen when Saturn get’s involved. This planet’s energy can assist you in setting boundaries and also helps you create deeper bonds with others! You may get the distinct feeling that you need to settle down with your partner during this time. Talking about your relationship needs and structure may come up now. Expect your relationship status to be the topic of conversation. Who knows, you may decide to finally change your social media profile status to “in a relationship”!

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Some Unexpected Surprises

The Sun in Gemini reaches a harmonious aspect to Mars by the end of the week. This combination of energy brings with it sexy relationship surprises. On the surface this detached energy can be quite adventurous behind closed doors. Some unexpected escapades are likely in your relationship as the weeks wraps up with some eccentric energy!

Love Horoscope Venus in Cancer

This week’s love horoscope for May 20th to 26th’s calculations point to a gentle and romantic start to the week. As the week goes on there may be some new commitments and boundaries created within your relationships. The week ends with a desire to express romantic feelings in spontaneous and adventurous ways! How was love expressed in your life this week?

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Weekly Love Horoscope for May 20th-26th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope for May 20th-26th 2018
Are you interested in knowing what the stars have in store for love and relationships this week? Here is your weekly love horoscope for May 20th to 26th 2018 based on the current planetary weather and chart calculations. 
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