Weekly Love Horoscope for May 13th-19th 2018

Love Horoscope Neptune

Are you interested in knowing what the stars have to say about love and relationships for this upcoming week? Here is the weekly love horoscope for May 13th-19th 2018. 

Venus meets Neptune

This weeks starts off with Venus the planet of love moving out of a tense aspect with Neptune the planet of dreams. When Venus is in aspect to Neptune you may have a tendency to give in to illusions about your relationships or create fantasies about the people you are crushing on that may not be entirely reality based. As Venus is moving out of this aspect you will be better able to face the realties of your relationships and view things from a more straightforward perspective.  

Do not be surprised if a relationship you felt started off as romance a month ago seems to be turning into more of a friendship as the week’s pass. It was most likely friendship to begin with but you were under the spell of fantasy loving Neptune and Venus! Some clarity is likely by the end of the week as Mars moves out of the sign of Capricorn and into Aquarius on May 17th. 

This transit will help bring objective awareness to your view of love and relating. The zodiac sign of Aquarius is associated with rational thinking and friendship. Any narratives that you created while Venus and Neptune where in aspect are sure to be cleared up this week! If the budding relationship was meant to be a romance the signs will be there; so keep your heart open and try to stay objective!

Love Horoscope Neptune

The Moon and Mars Square Off

With the Moon in a dynamic aspect to Mars at the start of the week you may find some tension developing between you and your special someone. This tension can be very sexy if channeled in the right way! As the planet Mars finishes up a transit in Capricorn this can bring a lot of pressure into your relationship.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is known for having some high expectations of love and dating! Make sure you find a healthy release for all of your pent up energy as this transit is taking place! Following the 16th of May this energy will have dissipated and any misunderstandings you had with your partner during the first half of the week are sure to soften. 

Love Horoscope Unique Romance

Surprising Love

This is also a great week to experiment in love! The transiting Moon will be meeting up with Uranus the planet of independence and rebellion on May13th in the sign of Aries, in a dramatic aspect to Mars and a harmonious aspect to Venus. Uranus rotates on its side and is associated with sudden changes and radical shifts in perspective. This will create an opportunity for some very quirky expression in love. Try something new and don’t be afraid to really take the fun in your relationship to the next level. Be open with your significant other, you never know what love may bring! 

Sex may be more playful at this time as Venus is moving through the fun loving sign of Gemini! Quirky romances and parties are the themes of this transit. When it comes to love and dating the energy of Gemini can help keep things spontaneous. You will find that it is easy to relate to your significant other over witty conversations and off-beat activities this week. With a light hearted approach you will find that you can connect with almost anyone right now. There will be undertones of building a strong foundation of friendship with your love. 

Love Horoscope Happy Couple

The New Moon Brings Unexpected Romance

Mid-week around the 15th and 16th of May your focus will turn to pleasure and indulgence as the Moon meets up with the Sun for the new Moon in Taurus. This energy will help you bring out your sensual side. You will have an urge to experience the world through all of your senses. Plan extra time for love and romance with your sweetie. Spending time with your significant other eating good food, listening to music, and satiating all of your senses will be key. Taurus energy loves to indulge so give in a little. Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat chocolate?

A new love interest may unexpectedly enter your life at this time. It may be hard to recognize at first. You will find that you relate to your new crush over shared passions and mental stimulation. You will be driven by the same causes and motivated by similar goals. Pay attention to the signs so you do not miss an opportunity for love! Plan a lot of time for socialization and kicking back this week. After the somewhat stressful start to the week you will want to put effort towards relaxing following the New Moon on the 15th of May. 


Love Horoscope dessert

Emotional Grand Water Trine

Although an abundance of rational and objective energy is present based on the location of Mars and Venus being in air signs, this week ends with a grand water trine. This is when three planets align in water signs creating a harmonious and emotionally charged aspect in the stars. Combined with the sensual energy of the Sun transiting through Taurus there is an opportunity for a truly balanced love connection to take place. May 18th will be the best day to experience love and romance. The balance of rational thinking combined with the passion of romance will create a strong foundation for any relationship this week. 

Love Horoscope Friendship

The zodiac brings some very different energies together this week casting an interesting influence on your relationships . Overall you can expect some wild ups and downs when the planet Uranus gets involved with Venus and Mars. Get with your partner and let them know what is on your mind. If you have met someone new now is the time to let them know how you feel! Extreme honesty is key at this time as the present astrological energy is driven towards authenticity and genuine expressions of love and relating. If you have been keeping something to yourself now is the time to share it! Don’t be shy, sharing is caring after all. How is love shaping up for you this week of May 13th-19th? 

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Weekly Love Horoscope for May 13th-19th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope for May 13th-19th 2018
Are you interested in knowing what the stars have to say about love and relationships for this upcoming week? Here is the weekly love horoscope for May 13th-19th 2018. This weeks starts off with Venus the planet of love moving out of a tense aspect with Neptune the planet of dreams.
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