Weekly Love Horoscope June 3rd – 9th 2018

Curious about love and relationships for the week of June 3rd to June 9th 2018? This week you are balancing some very dynamic energy when it comes to love and dating! There is something in the air right now that you can’t quite put your finger on. Read on to discover what is going on underneath the surface in this weeks love horoscope. Things may not always be as they appear. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Love Lessons

Venus in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn: Emotions Run Deep

Pluto, the planet that represents the god of the underworld, is facing off with Venus the planet of love on June 3rd. Currently Pluto is making its way through the zodiac sign of Capricorn while Venus is quickly travelling through Cancer. Capricorn is known for hard work and dedication while Venus is a softer and more accommodating energy. Relationships this week will take an intense turn during this transit.

The Pluto energy present is urging you to make an investigation into your partnerships right now. You will have a strong desire to explore the deeper meaning behind your connection with someone. There maybe tendency to “test” or question your partner. Try to open up to trust at this time. Ease any tension with faith in your partner’s loyalty and faith in yourself to see the positive aspects flowing through the person you love. 

This will feel like a deeply emotional phase in your relationship and characterized by heightened emotions. You have the capability right now to reach in and excavate the motivations behind your own or your partners actions and behaviors. This is a great time to have deep conversations about things that have been on your mind as relationship breakthroughs are very likely at this time. Passion runs high right now. A good way to release all the tension is through sex and intimacy. This is a great time to get to know your partner better on a deep spiritual level.

Weekly Love Horoscope Passion

Sun in Gemini Square Moon in Pisces: Two-Faced Drama

The Sun in Gemini will be making a dynamic aspect to the Moon in Pisces on June 6th 2018. This may bring out a side of yourself that you have not expressed in a while. Your relationships are no exception to this impulse and you may see a side of your partner you did not know existed! As you try on different masks and forms of self-expression you may find it easier to communicate or connect with your partner. 

An exploration of each other’s fantasies will add to the romantic theme for this week. There will be an added desire for flirting due to the vibe created between communicative Mercury making an energizing aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Dreamy conversations, dress up, and mischievous role play are very likely right now. 

If you meet someone new this week keep in mind that the person they are showing up as may not be their usual self. You may be surprised in a couple weeks when you see the more authentic side of the individual come out after the influences of this planetary energy have passed. Good times are likely but the realness of the experiences may not be present. Expect the unexpected during this time as nothing is as it seems. Take everything with a grain of salt and remember to play!

Weekly Love Horoscoe Drama

Moon in Aries Square Venus in Cancer: Love is a Battle Field 

June 9th brings with it a dynamic aspect between the Moon in Aries and Venus in Cancer. These two signs are like oil and vinegar. When they square off in the sky there can be a tendency to see love as an all or nothing affair. Aries is known for butting heads a bit and this can overpower the gentle energy of Venus in Cancer this week. 

Temper this energy by finding an outlet for your feelings and emotions. Take your partner out on an action oriented date. Go hiking, swimming, or execise together. Doing something with your bodies will help relieve the pent up feelings. This will help you avoid arguing or getting into lovers quarrels unnecessarily. 

If you meet someone new this week you may have a tendency to fly head first into the relationship. Acting on impulse in love is the overall theme of this Aries Moon. You will find yourself head over heals for someone before you can even blink. The end of this week is a great time to initiate a romantic rendezvous as your confidence levels will be high!

Weekly Love Horoscope Battlefield

South Node Meets Mars: Lessons in Love

The South Node in astrology is a mathematical point based on the orbit of the Moon that represents past situations or experiences. On a spiritual level it can symbolize past life scenarios that you are still learning to integrate into this lifetime. On June 9th Mars and the South Node meet up in Aquarius to form an exact conjunction. 

This influence will feel like a jolt of energy and will give you an opportunity to evaluate how you tend to express sex in your relationships. As Mars is traveling through the sign of Aquarius this will represent lust and libido in terms of this zodiac sign. Aquarius is quirky, rational, and artistic.

Work with your partner this week on accepting each other’s differences and honoring how you each express your sexuality. Aquarius is open and accepting of others. There will be an opportunity this week to heal past wounds in this area of your relationship.

Weekly Love Horoscope Venus

Overall this week has multiple planetary line ups that will bring precision and purity to their expression within your relationships. There is action towards making this happen and a dramatic flair to you and your partner’s behavior this week. There is a great need to dig up something from the past and ultimately heal your past relationship hurts. Your lesson for this week will be letting go of old baggage and moving forward in love with your sweetie!

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Weekly Love Horoscope June 3rd-9th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope June 3rd-9th 2018
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