Weekly Love Horoscope June 24th – June 30th 2018

What do the stars have to say about love and relationships for the week of June 24th to 30th 2018? The week is marked by the Full Moon in Capricorn bringing a heightened sense of emotion to our dating lives. There is potential to meet a new love interest this week or make a dramatic change in your current relationship. The energy present will create an open vibration and expanded awareness of love during the week of June 24th to 30th 2018. 

Weekly Love Horoscope June 24th

New Opportunities for Love: Venus square Jupiter on June 24th 

With Venus in Leo making a dynamic aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio on June 24th there is an increased possibility that you will have new opportunities for finding love! Jupiter represents openness and growth. Venus represents love and attraction. This dynamic aspect created between theses two planets is not necessarily smooth sailing but will definitely feel climactic! The energy symbolized by Jupiter mixed with Venus can bring you a sudden desire for love and romance. You will be more open than usual ready to pursue new love interests. 

The zodiac sign of Leo represents courage and while Venus is traveling through this sign you are better able to access your heart center. Your heart center is the part of your body’s metaphysical anatomy, called the aura in some spiritual traditions, which represents your ability to give and receive the emotion of love. 

The current planetary weather provides you with added motivation to express, feel, and be in love. You are more susceptible to charm and charisma from romantic suitors. As the zodiac sign of Scorpio is associated with secrets there is a greater chance of secret admirers coming out of the wood work. Lovers will want to get your attention at this time doing what it takes to woo you into a relationship. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get: Venus Trine the Moon in Sagittarius on June 26th

Around the 26th of the month your love life will take on a more dramatic turn. You may feel more motivation to play coy with romantic love interests. There is a playfulness and freedom to this energy. You refuse to be tied down instead preferring to be pursued by multiple potential partners. The energy of Venus in provides you with a sense of pride colored by the expectation that others should seek you out for your company. 

When the Moon is in Sagittarius making a harmonious aspect to Venus, relationships take on a positive vibe. The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is associated with optimism, spontaneity, and enjoyment. You will be more open on this day of the week to love and dating. There will be a general sense of well being and desire for lively romantic connections. 

Being more flirtatious can be a fun way to connect with you paramour at the beginning of this week. Go out and celebrate your experience and connection to love embracing the heightened sense of passion. Affection is easily expressed when Venus and the Moon both are transiting through fire signs, in this case Sagittarius and Leo. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Dating

Spiritual and Physical Connection: Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27th 

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 27th of June 2018 brings an opportunity to connect with your partner on a spiritual level. Leading up to and on the day of the Full Moon the emotional centers in your body are more open to accepting love. You will be able to relate to your significant other on a deep level around this time. 

Use the powerful Full Moon energy to do something spiritual in your relationship. This may include exploring tantra or other forms of sacred sexuality. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is associated with the element of earth giving you a greater connection to your physical body while the Moon is associated with psychic and emotional energy. Combine these two factors during the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle as an opportunity to create a spiritual and physical connection with your significant other. 

Other ways you can connect on a spiritual and physical level are by doing things together. You can cook together, pull tarot cards, read books, or share how you are feeling. The Full Moon energy lends itself to emotional awareness and acceptance establishing a pathway to express yourself more easily in love. 

Weekly Love Horoscope New Love

Eccentric Dating: Moon Conjunct Mars in Aquarius on June 30th

Dating can feel like an adventure at times as you travel into unknown territory with someone new. The Meet up of the Moon and Mars in the zodiac sign of Aquarius on June 30th gives your dating life an eccentric vibe. You are more likely during this time to embrace the quirky sides of yourself and your romantic partners!

Embrace this energy by doing something you would not normally do with your partner. There is an opportunity for risk taking and exploration. Channel this love current into your sensuality and desire. Go on a unique date. The thrill of doing something out of the ordinary will take your relationship to another next level. 

Allow a streak of drama to characterize your relationships by the end of the week. The Full Moon energy will be dissipating at this point and sensitivity will be decreased. Relationships will be more concerned with stimulating and exciting activities. Since Mars is involved there is also potential for defiant and disruptive relationship behavior. To avoid a quarrel with your significant other channel this obstinate energy into tension releasing romance. Express the vibration of Mars through lust and sex to make the most of this planetary aspect on June 30th. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Spiritual Connection


The week of June 24th – 30th 2018 starts off with an opportunity to meet someone new in love. The middle of the week will bring with it heightened emotions and spiritual openness. By the end of the week there will be shift to willful and fiery romantic energy. The key for this week will be to go with the flow, allow your feelings to be expressed freely, and let yourself be open to new opportunities for love. How is your love horoscope looking for the week of June 24th to 30th 2018?

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Weekly Love Horoscope June 24th - 30th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope June 24th - 30th 2018
The energy present will create an open vibration and expanded awareness of love during the weekly love horoscope for June 24th - 30th 2018.
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