Weekly Love Horoscope June 17th-23rd 2018

Interested in what the stars have to say about your love life for this upcoming week? Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for June 17th – June 23rd 2018. When talking about romance and relationships in astrological terms we want to take a look at what Mars, Venus, and the Moon are up to. Of course, these planets are not alone in the sky, therefore, we must also take into account how the other planetary bodies are interacting with the planets of love and dating!

Weekly Love Horsocope June 17th

Creating Destiny in Love

When two people get together it is as if a new individual is created in the form of the relationship. This is a combination of both partners mixing spiritual, physical, and emotional energy. We often talk about relationships as “our relationship” or “our marriage” like an entity outside of our individual being. 

This week as Venus meets up with the North Node in Leo we have an opportunity to see what we have created in our love life. The North Node is a mathematical point based on the rotation of the Moon symbolizing the future, meaning, and destiny. 

You will have a more powerful connection to your partner at this time. Meeting someone new during a Venus and North Node transit can bring romantic potential for a deep and meaningful future relationship. This is a good time to do something action oriented with your partner. 

Leo energy is very creative so coming together to procreate, get a new pet, or start a new venture together are good ways to play out this energy. You will be able to feel this astrological vibration the strongest on the 18th and 19th of June. 

First dates and relationships just starting out this week will have an exciting anticipatory feel. Butterflies in your stomach and having nervous energy around your crush is likely. With Venus transiting through Leo you will have a strong urge to get the attention of your special someone. Despite the nervous energy you will still find the confidence to make a great impression!

Weekly Love Horoscope Destiny

Sex and Seduction 

Displays of emotions will be honored this week as Mercury in Cancer makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury traveling through Cancer represents emotional communication while Jupiter in Scorpio represents heightened sensation. 

The combination of these two planets acting in tandem increases your power of seduction. You may feel more flirtatious and in tune with your sexuality at this time. Sex will be better than ever as you and your partner are able to communicate freely about what you want. 

In addition, during this transit on June 19th you will be able to read other people’s body language and facial expressions with more ease. This will help you and lovers communicate without words. Emotions will be easier to interpret and understand. You have the option of not sharing your feelings this week as enough intuitive emotional energy will be naturally present. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Seduction

Solstice Love 

June 21 2018 brings us the Summer Solstice marked by the movement of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Cancer. This star sign loves romance and with it brings the flirty, loving, and romantic side out of all of us. Cancer energy is often associated with taking care of others, therefore, your desire to care for your partner may increase during this time. 

Some ways to channel this energy is by cooking dinner for your special someone or cleaning up around the house. This is a great time to make your significant other feel secure within your partnership. Remind them how much they mean to you! 

Sensitivity will be intensified this week making you more susceptible to falling in love. Your relationships and the people you meet will feel more impactful to your life at this time. You may have a tendency to get swept up in fantasy versus reality. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Solstice

Relationship Balance

As the week progresses the Moon in Libra moves into a dynamic aspect with Mercury in Cancer. In astrology, the zodiac sign of Libra is often associated with partnership, marriage, and balance due to the origins behind the constellation. 

This aspect will have a challenging vibration to it, possibly causing an emotional release of tension within your relationships. The influence will be felt the strongest between the 21st and 22nd of June. 

This energy coupled with the Summer Solstice is a great jumping off point for finding balance with your lover. Reworking on old issues or current differences will be the romantic theme for the end of the week. 

Now is great time to express yourself and say what you need to say. The Libra Moon brings an emotionally detached vibe while Mercury in Cancer makes us highly expressive. This is an opportunity to speak your mind while keeping the peace. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Libra Moon

Identity & Freedom in Love

On June 23rd a potent aspect is created between Venus in Leo, Mars in Aquarius, and the Moon in Scorpio. The meet up of these planets is a powerful relationship booster. Venus is the planet of love, Mars is the planet of sexuality, and the Moon is creating an energizing affect to both of them. 

Issues of identity and freedom will be the themes for your love life at the end of the week. The union that you may have felt so strongly at the beginning of the week will turn into a desire for independent identity. You and your partner may come to a deep understanding of who each of you want to be within your partnership. 

With love and respect you are able to give each other the freedom you need while keeping your bond strong. This is a great week to set aside time for a date night. Passion is intensified and romance can feel heated. Share in pleasure with your partner celebrating each other for the individuals you are. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Relationship Freedom

This week the planets of love and dating get a lot of action in the night sky. There will be some emotional waves and creative energy floating around. The romantic vibration is intense and powerful. How is love manifesting in your life for the week of June 17th – June 23rd 2018?

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Weekly Love Horoscope June 17th-23rd 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope June 17th-23rd 2018
Interested in what the stars have to say about your love life for this upcoming week? Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for June 17th - June 23rd 2018.
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