Weekly Love Horoscope June 10th-16th 2018

Interested in knowing what the stars have to say about love and dating this week? We all know relationships can take on a different flavor depending on the week or even the day. This can be explained astrologically by looking at the location and interaction between planets to Mars and Venus as these are our planets of love and relating. With the information provided you can prepare for each major planetary transit taking its effect in your love life. Read on for the weekly love horoscope for June 10th to 16th 2018. 

Weekly Love Horoscope

Saturn and Mars: Rebellious Impulses

The week starts off with a unique planetary alignment between Mars the planet of sexuality and Saturn the planet of restriction. This may have you searching for a release of sexual tension in your relationships. Saturn tends to influence us to bottle up emotions, feelings, and instincts therefore you may get the sense that your libido or sexuality is being blocked at this time. 

If we look to Saturn which is occupying the zodiac sign of Capricorn we can draw up conclusions as to what the best way to release our tensions may be! Capricorn is associated with the relationship themes of hard work, commitment, and fidelity. Mars is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius representing the love themes of rationalizing, friendship, and rebellion.

Your impulse at this time may be to justify your actions to your partner or discuss the boundaries of your relationship. This energy is detached and calculating as opposed to romantic on this day. Finding a solo way to release this tension may keep you from getting yourself into trouble or breaking commitments with your special someone!

Some other ways this transit may be expressed are through acting out rebellion towards authority figures when it comes to relationships. You may meet someone new or start dating someone as a way of defying the people above you. There will be a desire to make your own choices and find freedom in whatever form that may look to you! It could even mean you break your own dating rules!

Weekly Love Horoscope Rebel

Mercury moves into Cancer: Emotional Flirtatiousness 

With Mercury moving into emotive Cancer on June 12th 2018 you will have an increased urge to express your feelings. The zodiac sign of Cancer tends to create very flirtatious energy. Your partner may tend to be more coy or subtle in their romantic approach around this time. 

This flirty energy can ease the heaviness of the Saturn Mars alignment from earlier in the week. Now is a good time to relax or watch a romantic comedy. Allow yourself to be more flirtatious. There will be a tendency to be touchy feely with your special someone. The need for a lot of kisses, hugs, and sweetness will be present. 

Meeting someone new around this time will be marked by fresh energy. Mercury’s movement into Cancer can help you instantly make an emotional connection. The words you say will sound more poetic and romantic than usual. As the Sun is in Gemini this week there will be a casual tone surrounding most of your interactions with others. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Flirting

New Moon in Gemini: Setting your Relationship Intensions

The New Moon in Gemini takes place on June 13th 2018. The New Moon phase is characterized by fresh beginnings and resetting for the month ahead. At this time you may choose to set new relationship goals. If you have been seeing someone for a while you will have the urge to inject new life into this partnership. 

Overall the connection you have with people this week will feel a lot like close friendships. Gemini is associated with the themes of friendship and casual relationships. You may find yourself hooking up with a friend or exploring romantic feelings for someone new! 

The urge may also be to go out and party with some new people. You desire to make new connections widening your circle of friends. This will give you more romantic possibilities! 

At this time talk with your partner about your relationship goals. Now is the right time to bring up important wants, desires, and needs within your partnerships. The present astrological energy is lighter than usual allowing for difficult emotions to be expressed with some detachment. If you can view your dating life from a rational perspective you are better able to make decisions at the time. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Moon in Gemini

Venus Moves into Leo: Loyal Relationships 

On June 14th 2018 Venus the planet of love moves into the zodiac sign of Leo where it will transit for approximately the next 30 days. Leo is a creative fire sign giving your relationship a jolt of passion! Venus symbolizes how you relate and attract others. When Venus is in Leo you will be better able to express your personality and style. You will explore themes of authenticity and evaluate your expression of love and sexuality. 

Leo is also associated with loyalty. There may be an urge to create a deeper bond with your partner. The creative and wild energy of Leo coupled with the present energy of sincerity gives your relationships an overall passionate tone. There may be heated discussions about the status of your relationships and many new partnerships can be formed at this time! Be open to your amorous feelings, you never know who your new paramour may be!

Weekly Love Horoscope Venus in Leo

Move Meets Venus: Sexual Creativity

Around the 15th of June 2018 the Moon will move into Leo meeting up with Venus. There will be an opportunity to express your sexuality in creative ways. Dating will come easy during this time as courage is easier to muster. Inhibitions are tamed as you feel the urge to play with your partner. As the week wraps up your relationships can take a fun turn! Be open to experimenting with your special someone! This energy is saying it is okay to be kinky and push the envelope a bit!

Weekly Love Horoscope Sexuality

This week will end on a high note for relationships even if it started off with a rather heavy Saturnian energy. There is an opportunity for a new start and to express your sexuality in fun and creative ways with your sweetie! Have you experienced any of these things in your relationships mentioned in the weekly love horoscope for June 10th-16th?

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Weekly Love Horoscope June 10th-16th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope June 10th-16th 2018
Interested in knowing what the stars have to say about love and dating this week? We all know relationships can take on a different flavor depending on the week or even the day. Read on for the weekly love horoscope for June 10th to 16th 2018.
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