Weekly Love Horoscope July 29th – August 4th 2018

Did you know the stars can help us better understand our relationships? By tracking the movement of particular planets through the zodiac we have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. Welcome to the weekly Love Horoscope for July 29th through August 4th 2018. This week we leave behind last week’s love horoscope energy of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse for something just as wild and romantic. You can expect interesting information regarding your love life to start floating to the surface. Read on to discover more!

weekly love horoscope July - August

Keywords for the Weekly Love Horoscope July 29th- August 4th 2018

  • Truthful Discussions
  • Quirky Fantasies
  • Passionate Love Making
  • Stubborn Tendencies

Communication Overload: Mercury Retrograde Opposite the Aquarius Moon

As the week starts out, be prepared to have some interesting conversations with your sweetie. A dramatic aspect is taking place between Mercury, planet of communication, and the Moon. The Moon represents your moods, instincts, and emotions and is currently transiting through the sign of Aquarius. 

Aquarius is known to have rebellious and quirky energy which may come out in the words you say to your lover. When these two planets are opposite each other there are bound to be discussions around your unique viewpoints and a fierce attempt at getting to the truth of a situation. 

You may want to make it known to your lover some things that were on your mind from the previous week. Maybe hash out some of the details regarding a recent disagreement. If you catch yourself saying or doing things you do not normally do, this could be due to the fact that Mercury has been in retrograde since July 25th 2018. When a planet is in retrograde, apparently moving backwards from our perspective here on Earth, the energy of that planet is expressed a little differently than normal. 

Since Mercury is our planet of communication you may be taking some facts and information the wrong way right now! There are ample opportunities for social media mis-haps and misconstrued messaging to take place. This can be avoided though, if you take your time, and remember your lover is experiencing the same communication blocks. 

My suggestion would be to hang out and not worry too much about what each other are saying right now. If you meet someone new during this time, expect to see a different side of them when Mercury moves out of retrograde motion later next month on August 18th!

weekly love horoscope mounting tension

Attraction versus Romance: Venus Opposite Neptune

Around the middle of the week you may be surprised that you are attracted to someone you normally would not fall for. This may be due to the fact that the Venus, the planet of attraction, is opposite Neptune, the planet of deception. 

When you find yourself in the midst of a love affair you did not expect to see yourself in, consider if those feelings are genuine or if you got swept up into your own fantasies. As fun and romantic as the energy of Neptune may be, playing into these energies can have quite a melodramatic effect on your love life. 

This week is perfect if you are single! There will be multiple opportunities for getting into mischievous romance if you play your cards right. People will be more open to dating, fantasy, and love near the middle of the week. Attraction between two people will be stronger than usual and easy to give in to. You are going to want to be social, outgoing, and flirtatious to make the most of this energy! Keep reading the weekly love horoscope to see how the end of the week will shape up!

weekly love horoscope venus neptune

Fire in the Sky: Leo Sun Trine Aries Moon

In addition to the dreamy romances taking place mid-week, near the end of the week the Sun and Moon align in the signs of Leo and Aries. This creates an overtly passionate if not dramatic atmosphere for your love life. 

You may be feeling more impulsive and action oriented around August 2nd 2018. You will be more focused on getting your basic needs and desires fulfilled by your lovers at this time. There is a sense of urgency that fills your relationships as you reject feelings of rationalism, boundaries, and time constraints. 

This part of the week will be about letting go and being free to express yourself in life and in love. There may be a desire to defy the people around you and make a statement through your choice in romantic partner. 

weekly love horoscope passion

Tensions Mounting: Jupiter, The Sun, & Moon Square Off

Tensions mount as the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all move into alignment with each other in the fixed signs. We have the zodiac signs of Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio all part of the action around this times. In astrology each sign is categorized by an astrological modality including; fixed, cardinal, and mutable. The fixed category is symbolic of persistence, determination, and sometimes stubbornness. 

When we have multiple planets in the fixed signs it can create pressure in our love lives. Around the end of the week you may need confirmation of loyalty from your partner. This may lead to some very involved conversations about boundaries and expectations for your relationships. 

Finding someone to settle down with may feel more important than usual. You will, however, have patience and will not be willing to rush into anything around this time. Keep your eyes and heart open to receiving love into your life. 

My calculations of the movement of the planets point to something slowly brewing under the surface. This slow transformative energy is subtle and impactful on how you are getting along and communicating with your partners right now. The mounting tension the planets are symbolic of can be used in very creative ways with a little imagination. 

weekly love horoscope Fixed Signs

In Conclusion

Overall you can expect this week to bring a healthy dose of tension with a side of blind optimism when it comes to love. A subtle sense that something major is about to happen is floating around right now. There is an anticipatory feeling in the air, what could this mean for you? The week of July 22nd-28th was full of romantic surprises and sexual tensions, how do you think the week of July 29th-August 4th will compare?

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Weekly Love Horoscope July 29th - August 4th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope July 29th - August 4th 2018
This weekly love horoscope July 29th - August 4th 2018 we leave behind energy of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse for something just as wild and romantic.
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