Weekly Love Horoscope July 22nd – 28th 2018

Are the stars predicting a new love interest for you this week? With the Sun just about to move into the sign of Leo this week, things are definitely heating up in the way of love affairs! Are you curious about what Venus, Mars, and other planets related to your love life are up to? Welcome to the weekly love horoscope where we give you the romantic forecast for the week ahead. Read on to know more about what effect the planets are spelling out regarding your love life in the weekly love horoscope for July 22nd – 28th 2018! 

Weekly Love Horoscope Full MoonWeekly Love Horoscope Full Moon in Aquarius Love

Keywords for the Weekly Love Horoscope of July 22nd-28th 2018 

  • Playful
  • Theatrics
  • Sexual Tension
  • Heightened Emotions 
  • Love Affair
  • Work Romance 

Playful Love: Sun Transit into Leo

With the Sun moving into Leo late on the 22nd we can expect love to feel a little more playful at the beginning of the week. This is a good time to do something active or physical with your significant other. Plan a fun day out and then a romantic dinner in the evening. 

The zodiac sign of Leo is associated with drama and theatrics. You are bound to be carried on an emotional roller coaster as the week continues. You have to admit you are kind of craving the adventurous ride! Leo is a fire sign and with that brings emotional passion, tension, and excitement. 

The Sun moving into Leo is predicting that you will add to the romantic atmosphere overall this week. (You can read more about the Leo Sun Sign Horoscope click here!) Additionally, with Mars retrograde in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius there is an even greater chance of some fiery tension. Embrace this energy by making sure you laugh a lot and allow yourself to be open to a little sarcasm with your sweetie. 

There is an opportunity for some very steamy love affairs this week based on what this week’s horoscope charts are indicating. You will be searching for a release point for all of your pent up tension. It may be a good week for a one time fling!

Weekly Love Horoscope Couple Laughing

Work Romance?

Are you having an office romance, a relationship with your boss perhaps? This week definitely points to some workplace romance scandals. Venus moving through the sign of Virgo is pointing to a private romance; you are definitely trying to keep this relationship under wraps for the moment.

Alternatively, maybe you have met someone new at work. With the Moon transitioning through Capricorn this week and making a favorable aspect to Venus, you can bet love will be on the horizon. The Moon in Capricorn on the 26th of this week may bring out your need for emotional security. 

You may find yourself out with a co-worker on a suddenly very romantic date. Keep yourself open to office romance possibilities. You never know who may be the person who has been crushing on you. This week you are sure to find out! 

Alternatively, maybe you get the courage to bring a relationship out in the open you have been keeping under wraps. There is something very unpredictable about the energy this week! You may even be the one to make the first move!

Weekly Love Horoscope Workplace Romance

Romantic Tension: Mars Meets Up with The Moon 

When the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius on Friday, July 27th 2018 it will meet up with the planet Mars. This indicates some tension in our love life may be present around this time. The Moon is representative of emotional energy, mysteries, and spiritual qualities. Mars is associated with competition, action, and sometimes controversy. 

When these two planets meet up it creates some very interesting energy. You will definitely be open to debating, making your point, and possibly not backing down from an argument! Love is like that sometimes. A little tension can be channeled from aggression into a sexy romance instead. 

You might have a stronger desire around the end of the week to play the field. You are looking to see who may be a potential love interest; possibly date around for a bit. Long term commitment may not be the main thing on your mind at this time. 

Right now, you want to flirt. You want to play and mess around without getting too serious. Freedom and flexibility will be behind the decisions you make. You might explore dating someone you meet online or on a cell phone app. Your main concern is having fun, self-expression, and some relief from your regular responsibilities this week!

Weekly Love Horoscope Romance

Complicated Emotions: Full Moon in Aquarius & Total Lunar Eclipse 

When the Moon reaches its fullness in the sign of Aquarius on July 27th, in addition to a total lunar eclipse happening at the same time, you may experience some complicated emotions! The Full Moon always brings with it increased sensitivity. Your feelings may get hurt more easily or you may be more emotionally vulnerable to the opinions of others. Read more about the Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope here!

When it comes to your love life you may feel you are ready to make a major decision by the end of the day on Friday. It may be best to wait on this one! It is believed that during lunar and solar eclipses all information necessary to make an informed decision may not be available to you. 

On the other hand the emotional intensity of the Full Moon can create some very passionate romantic encounters. If you have been craving a wild date night with your sweetie, now is the time to do it! You are more open to having playful, creative, and dramatic romantic experiences. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Tension

Keep in Mind

The stars are reading like a dramatic romance novel this week. We have a lot of energy to unpack as the week unfolds with a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon, Sun sign change, and several personal planets in retrograde. Things will mellow out soon enough, so enjoy the wild ride for now! There may be a tendency to get swept up in the moment this week. How has this week’s love horoscope for July 22nd-28th played out for you? 

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Weekly Love Horoscope July 22nd - 28th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope July 22nd - 28th 2018
Read on to know more about what effect the planets are spelling out regarding your love life in the weekly love horoscope for July 22nd - 28th 2018! 
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