Weekly Love Horoscope July 15th – 21st 2018

Interested in what the stars have to say about your love life? Welcome to the weekly love horoscope where we tell you what the upcoming planetary weather will look like for dating and relationships. By tracking the movement of Venus, Mars, the Moon, and their relationship to other planets in the zodiac we can get prepared for upcoming week. The days ahead spell out passion and surprising romantic opportunities. Read on for the weekly love horoscope for July 15th – 21st 2018. 

Weekly Love Horoscope July 15th - 21st

Secrets Revealed: Moon Conjunct Venus in Virgo 

The week starts off with the Moon meeting up with Venus in the sign of Virgo. This meet up will be surprisingly romantic. There may be someone in your life hoping to reveal their romantic feeling for you. There is something mysterious about the interaction. Virgo is naturally investigative and when Venus is making a transit through this sign you will want to know everyone’s secrets. 

During the beginning of the week you may find yourself in some sticky situations. Curiosity may get the best of you this week as you find yourself snooping around in your lovers smart phone or social media accounts! Make sure you are maintaining trust with your lovers and partners. Maybe pull some tarot cards to further see what may be up with your love life. 

On the other hand, from your perspective, you may be feeling more private about your love life than usual; preferring to keep some of the details of your escapades under wraps for the time being. Pay attention to the content of your thoughts. If you feel like you are getting stuck in your head regarding your love life try not to over think it!

Weekly Love Horoscope Secrets Revealed

Romantic Fantasies: Venus Opposite Neptune 

This week Venus in Virgo moves closer to being opposite Neptune in Pisces. This energy may cause you to have your romantic blinders up. You may have a tendency to delude yourself about a romance. When two planets are opposite we want to look at areas of our life where we are trying to find balance. Venus represents attraction, love, sensuality, and pleasure while Neptune represents fantasy, dreams, and disillusionment. You may be feeling some confusions regarding your new love interests or long term relationships. 

With an opposition the scale is usually tipped in one direction or the other while you are working towards balance. You will either feel the effects of Neptune on your love life or Venus. In this case, if you are identifying with Venus, you will be more interested in having sensual and pleasurable romantic experiences. If you are feeling more in tune with Neptune then you will drawn in more fanciful romantic encounters. You will feel more open to love and the experience of falling and staying in love with someone. 

This combination of planets may help develop an intense attraction between you and a new love interest. There are feelings of passion while also some extremely emotional connections that are possible. You may find that you are falling for someone, wanting to get to know them inside and out, beyond just their physical appearance and surface personality. 

Weekly Love Horoscope Neptune Opposite Venus

Accommodating: Moon in Libra Square the Sun in Cancer

Midweek, around July 19th, the Moon is traveling through Libra, the zodiac sign symbolic of romantic partnerships and marriage. During this time the Moon will be making a dynamic aspect to the Sun transiting through Cancer. This will be a time to put your relationships back in order. 

Libra and Cancer are signs that initiate and take charge, but always take care to pay attention to the needs of everyone around them. If you feel that your partner wishes for some special attention, now is the time to give it them. Be extra accommodating with your lover. This is a time when you should be willing to compromise. Take into account what role you serve in your relationship on a daily basis and how you can contribute to creating a harmonious partnership. 

You will want to give your relationships the tender love and care it deserves. Libra represents energy that is balancing, willing to collaborate, and keep the peace. If you have been fighting with a partner now is the perfect time to kiss, hug, and make up. The energy of these two planets will compel you to find solutions to any relationships problem. You may also find that you are playing counselor to some friends who need relationship and love advice this week! 

Weekly Love Horoscope Moon in Libra

Passionate Feelings: Moon Square Mars

Later in the week on July 20th the Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio for a few days making a dynamic aspect with Mars in Aquarius. While the Moon is in Scorpio there tends to be erotic undertones to our relationships. Mars is associated with sexuality and drive. The combination of these two planets can make for some very sexy energy for your love life. 

Scorpio is also traditionally ruled by the planet Mars strengthening this planetary alignment. Intensity between you and a lover is sure to increase during this time. There may be a tendency to connect through passionate love making and romance. The Moon also represents emotions and instincts. You may be driven by your moods and feelings towards the end of the week. This could cause you to become over dramatic about a relationship issue.  

Try to avoid arguing with your partner instead turning your abundance of passion into love. There is an opportunity for a deep romantic connection this week so take advantage of the astrological energy that is present!

Weekly Love Horoscope Passion

The planetary weather for the week of July 15th to July 21st 2018 is definitely romance related. There will be a heavy emphasis on your relationships and how you take care of your partner. The beginning of the week may reveal some secrets, followed by a mid-week compromise with your sweetie. By the end of the week you will be feeling the passion and romance you are looking for. How are your relationships shaping up for the week of July 15th-21st?

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Weekly Love Horoscope July 15th - 21st 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope July 15th - 21st 2018
The days ahead spell out passion and surprising romantic opportunities. Read on for the weekly love horoscope for July 15th - 21st 2018.
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