Weekly Love Horoscope for August 5th-11th 2018

What do the stars have to say about your love life this week? Astrological horoscope can help us know more about our relationships, marriages, and flings! We can look to the planets of love to see where the action lies and if a new love may be lingering on the horizon. Here is the weekly love horoscope; where we give you the information you need to know for the week ahead. The week of August 5th to 11th 2018 is going to be a busy week for romance!

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  • Attraction 
  • Destiny 
  • Feeling Special 
  • Reassurance 

Social and Loving

Near the beginning of the week Venus moves into the social sign of Libra. Venus is at home in Libra, giving this planet a purer expression in this sign. Venus is the planet of love, attraction, and beauty. Libra is associated with aesthetic, balance, and partnerships. During this month long transit we have the opportunity to more easily express the romantic sides of our personalities!

Social situations will flow more smoothly and allow for easier interactions with others. You will be able to get along with your partner’s better and things may even appear more easy going. Libra loves to socialize so while Venus is making its way through this sign make sure to enjoy yourself! Planning parties, group gatherings, and other ways to meet people is a great way to embrace the romance of this transit. 

Libra loves beauty and wants everything to be nice and coordinated. This will be the underlying tone of your relationships during this time. It may be difficult to get deep with someone, but that is okay right now. Use this time to relax, enjoy yourself, and be with the people you love! 

Weekly Love Horoscope - Socializing

Star Crossed Lovers

Venus and Mars are doing an elegant dance in the sky around mid week. Mars has been in retrograde and Venus is moving straight ahead. This may cause you to miss something major that is happening in your love life around this time! Consider what may be going on. Could you have met a potential lover and possibly missed it? Who might your “star crossed” soul mate be?

August 8th will bring with it some confusing feelings when it comes to love. A sense of destiny is in the air as you try to piece together what the meaning of true love is. You have the distinct feeling that you are about to meet someone special. If you feel like there is something always there to sabotage your relationships, the reason may come to light at this time. 

For example, if you feel like you always end up in a relationship with the same kind of person, use the present energy to break free from that cycle! There is intense energy all around us right now due to the partial solar eclipse happening on August 11th 2018!

Weekly Love Horoscope - Star Crossed

Feeling Extra Special 

With so many planets lining up in the zodiac sign of Leo around the end of the week you may desire a little extra attention from your lover. You want to feel special, pampered, and number one in their life! You may create a little spice and drama to get things moving in the direction you want to see them going. 

This is an interesting time to start a relationship. Everyone will seem extra showy and confident right now, making sure to put their best foot forward when it comes to love. Of course you will be no exception and will want to also show off what you bring to a relationship. 

Gift giving and other forms of affection will increase around this time. If you have been asking your lover to do something special for you lately, they may just get the urge to follow through near the end of this week! The Leo energy brings excitement, surprises, and generosity to your relationships. 

Weekly Love Horoscope - Attraction

Reassurance in Love

By the end of the week as Venus in Libra creates a dynamic aspect with Saturn in Capricorn you may start to questions yourself in love just a bit. You will want to ask your partner for some reassurance and for them to affirm their commitment to the relationship. Near the end of the week you may be searching for more of a commitment then you usually seek out in a partner. 

You do not mind being tied down for a while and find the stability that you can create with another person very reassuring with everything around you seeming so intense and dramatic. The people you meet and fall in love with during this time can help you grow as a person overall. Some relationships are meant to teach you something important about life, love, and relating. 

You may find yourself attracted to people who tend to be more serious about life. Maybe find some ways to help your lover loosen up a bit. You have a lot to teach other people about relationships as well! There is a karmic feel to the bonds you create at this time. Your love life may take on a very disciplined tone for a brief moment around this transit. 

Weekly Love Horoscope - Reassurance

Unpredictable Romance

Right around the New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Leo on August 11th 2018 a major shift in your love life is likely. You may decide to try a new approach to love and dating. The dating game can be tricky around a New Moon but also exciting as the energy is often new and unfamiliar. 

Something unpredictable is likely to occur in your love life around this time. There is immense amounts of potential surrounding the time of the New Moon. Be open to what may come and trust your instincts when it comes to falling in love. 

Weekly Love Horoscope - Puzzle Hearts


Venus moving into Libra at the beginning of the week is surely to bring a fun and romantic atmosphere to our love lives this week. As we move towards the New Moon at the end of the week things start to take on a more serious tone. This week is destined to be interesting. How is the love horoscope for the week of August 5th to August 11th looking for your love life? 

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Weekly Love Horoscope for August 5th-11th 2018
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Weekly Love Horoscope for August 5th-11th 2018
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