Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope for Love, Romance and Relationships

Curious about what astrology has to say about love and relationships? The weekly love horoscope brings you the information you need for the week ahead regarding all things romance!

We will calculate the location and sign placement of Venus and Mars. Venus is associated with love and attraction and Mars is associated with lust and passion! These two planets pass each other regularly on their journey through the zodiac. The weekly free love horoscope will break down the astrological meaning of these planets giving you expert advice on how love is expressed through each sign. With the information provided you can feel confident in your approach to love each week.

When Mars and Venus interact with other planets in the zodiac their expression can play out in your relationships! We will give you a heads up on what may be down the road for the week ahead. The free weekly horoscope will look at the placement of the Moon as this luminary has considerable influence on how we feel emotionally. We all know how moods and emotions effect our relationships! We will forecast the position of this important planetary body so you can know the vibe of those closest to you.

Knowing when you are more likely to meet someone new or snuggle up with your partner is dynamic astrological information provided in the free love horoscope, weekly. Major planetary transits and movements in the sky are expertly calculated to assist you in planning out the week ahead.

We know that love and romance can be complicated territory! With the weekly horoscope you can feel the efficacy of the information that astrology lends us in the ways of understanding relationships. Each week we will provide you with a fresh perspective on the current planetary positions.