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Have you always wondered what a horoscope is? We will being covering weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly horoscopes focusing on different aspects of planetary movement. When you read your daily or weekly horoscope you are reading the interpretation of a map of the zodiac!

Astrologers synthesize the information based on current planetary positions in relation to each other. As the planets travel through space from our perspective on Earth we view the planets as being “in that sign.” A free Horoscope can give you valuable information on how to approach a situation or when to take action.

The Weekly horoscope will focus on love and relationships. We will look at the positions of Venus and Mars respectively and also other major planetary configurations that will lend insight into how your relationships will be playing out in general for the week.

Each week we will bring you a fresh perspective on romance. We will give you a heads up on the most important planetary information you need to know to make the most of your relationships for the week.

The Moon sign horoscope is a bi-weekly report based off of the position of the Moon’s phase. Each phase of the Moon holds considerable power that you can harness with the right knowledge and perspective. We will calculate the Moon’s cycles and bring you an interpretation of how the Moon in astrology operates during the new and full Moon phases. The zodiac sign the Moon is passing through will also lend valuable insights into your bi-weekly Moon sign horoscope.

In the monthly Sun sign horoscope we will bring you detailed information on the Sun’s travels through the zodiac. Each phase of the Sun’s journey through the sky is colored by the zodiac sign it is travelling through. With chart calculations and planetary positions we will give you the data you need on how to prepare for the month ahead.

The monthly sun sign horoscope, moon sign horoscope, and weekly love horoscope apply to all signs as we are all under the same current planetary influences.

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