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Aries Moon Sign Meaning, Traits and Love Compatibility

Aries Moon Sign Meaning, Traits and Love Compatibility

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Aries Moon is one of the most dynamic placements, and it provides an exciting, inspiring and volatile emotional landscape to ponder.

While the planets Mercury and Venus’ orbits are tied to the Sun’s, the moon’s zodiac degree is not tied to the Sun’s progress through the degrees. So whatever your Sun sign, you could have any of the 12 moon signs.

Unlike your ascendant, you don’t need a specific time of birth to know your moon sign.

Often a day of birth suffices, unless the moon moved into the next sign on your birthday, in which case an approximate time and your place of birth come into play.

The moon sign signifies your emotional sensibilities, your habitual reflex reactions, your parental influence and how your nurturing side tends to manifest.

Let’s first check when the moon is in Aries in 2023 because, for those with an Aries moon natally, this portends stronger reactions than usual.

When transiting moon is in Aries one will have heightened awareness and sensitivity to the environment, their partner, and family.

This is an ideal period for starting new projects, especially ones you are emotionally involved in. Avoid conflict and use self-care and positive affirmations to supercharge your intentions.

Moon Placements in Aries for 2023

All times EST:

  • Jan: 25th 05:36, 27th 12:09
  • Feb: 22nd 00:14, 24th 03:29
  • March: 21st 12:01, 23rd 14:41
  • April: 17th 21:10, 20th 00:30
  • May: 15th 3:56, 17th 08:28
  • June: 11th 9:20, 13th 14:32
  • July: 8th 15:19, 10th 19:56
  • August: 4th 23:19, 7th 02:25
  • September: 1st 09:24, 3rd 10:59, 28th 20:18, 30th 21:18
  • October: 26th 06:01, 28th 07:45
  • November: 22nd 12:19, 24th 15:29
  • December: 19th 17:47, 21th 21:50

Aries Moon “A real live wire, living life in full color with no time for subtlety and nuance if it dampens authenticity.”

“Lisa Lazuli”

What Does Aries Moon Mean?

The Aries Moon is characterized by a strong desire for independence, a great zest for life and a need for spontaneity and challenge.

Aries moon people have a powerful imagination and quite an attractive innocence and freshness to their personality.

They can be impish and occasionally incorrigible as they take no prisoners.

Aries moon isn’t coy or reticent, it’s in their nature to express themselves in dramatic fashion.

Aries moons are born feeling special, they have a strong sense of purpose and believe their life and destiny are significant and important.

It’s frustrating and ultimately soul-destroying for those with an Aries moon to be stuck in a lifestyle that is dull, meaningless and uninspiring.

Aries moons tend to rebel against routine and authority, they want to follow their own star unimpeded by pointless regimes or rules.

Aries moons have powerful reactions to people and situations and their key trait is enthusiasm.

That being said, Aries moons are quickly frustrated with people who are slow or unwilling to express their emotions, or who are dour and listless.

Aries moon people have prevalent ESP (Extrasensory Perception) and reliable gut reactions.

Moon in Aries people have a temper and they enjoy the occasional spell of drama in order to clear the air and release any tension.

They must be able to speak their mind, or else they are more likely to lose their rag.

Aries moon lives in the moment and doesn’t always think things through, which can frustrate the more cautious star signs who like to stick to routines and schedules.

This is a vibrant and exciting moon sign, and they won’t leave you pondering anything for too long as they can’t hold back on telling you exactly how they feel.

Aries Moon Compatibility

Aries Moon Compatibility Chart

Aries Moons are very authentic, loving and warm-hearted.

They have considerable chemistry with the cardinal suns and moons, i.e., Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. However, these matches aren’t necessarily smooth sailing.

They get along well with Scorpio Moons, Leo Moons, and Sagittarius Moons. Virgo, Pisces and Gemini Sun and Moon can pose challenges. Taurus sun can be an excellent match.

Aries Moon people are ardent and dedicated in love, they take relationships seriously and often have traditional views about relationships.

They are looking for a partner who is positive, fun-loving and who likes doing things at a moment’s notice. They enjoy affectionate tactile people.

Aries moons need continual stimuli and attention from a partner, so it can be hard work to have a successful relationship with them because they are demanding.

You can never take a relationship with Aries moon for granted, they can fall out of love if the relationship goes flat or loses momentum.

Moon in Aries aren’t passive and they need clear and frequent verbal and physical demonstrations of love.

They fall in love at first sight because once they become excited about a romantic opportunity, they race after it with butterflies in their stomach.

This moon sign makes a loyal and loving partner who wants a relationship to move quickly because the Aries moon personality never marks time, they are people with a sense of urgency.

They believe actions speak louder than words and they are proactive partners.

In love and life, you have to earn their respect and work hard to keep the respect of Aries Moon people.

Zodiac SignSunMoon
AriesHigh (80%)High (65%)
TaurusHigh (70%)Medium (50%)
GeminiMedium (55%)Low (40%)
CancerMedium (55%)Low (45%)
LeoHigh (80%)Very High (85%)
VirgoLow (40%)Very Low (30%)
LibraHigh (75%)High (80%)
ScorpioHigh (70%)High (65%)
SagittariusHigh (70%)High (80%)
CapricornHigh (60%)High (70%)
AquariusHigh (65%)High (70%)
PiscesLow (40%)Very Low (30%)
Very Low: 35% and Below
Low: 36% to 45%
Medium: 46% to 60%
High: 61% to 80%
Very High: 81% to 100%

5 Aries Moon Personality Traits and Characteristics

As opposed to the sun sign, the moon sign is less conscious and more instinctive.

It represents our reflex reactions and our habitual emotional MO, and often the compulsions of the moon operate subconsciously.

The moon also indicates what we need at an emotional level to feel satisfied, comfortable, and safe.

Moon signs reflect the influence of parents and early childhood conditioning.

Snow Covered Mountain with Moon

1. Trigger Happy

You won’t wonder with Aries moon, as they can’t hold back for long and they will tell you what they think for better or for worse.

They get revved up quite fast and their reactions to things are mostly immediate, this is not a reticent or ponderous placement, they quickly reach decisions.

Aries moon aren’t for the easily offended.

2. Very Imaginative

This is an extremely creative placement, and Aries moons are excellent at generating ideas and solutions.

They thrive on challenges and like to get their teeth into things.

They have flair and the ability to fire up an audience, and this makes them good speakers and motivators.

Aries moons have natural leadership abilities and while they may not necessarily have a career where they lead, they will always find a way to make their mark on the world.

3. Extremely Impatient

Aries moon can be irritable when required to wait around, they are naturally action-oriented and have to be busy or they get depressed.

4. Forgiving and Forgetting

Aries moons are quite forgiving. They know what it’s like to lose their temper and put their foot in it, it’s a peril of being authentic. However, this makes them quite understanding of others who also make mistakes.

Aries moons are too busy to dwell, tomorrow is another day, a clean slate, and they quickly forget, which makes forgiving rather redundant.

5. Family First

Aries moons value family connections. Most Aries moons want families, often large families, and they benefit enormously from having good relationships with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.

They delight in spoiling their children and encourage their children to be sporting, outdoorsy and competitive.

They are proud of children who have spirit, and who show a zest for both academic and other activities.

Aries moon may not be everyone’s cup of tea. They paint their life in vibrant, bold colors.

Aries Moon Woman

Aries moon women are drawn to strength and like the alpha male. She’s repelled by weakness, evasiveness and indecisiveness.

Aries moon women want to fall in love for keeps, but it’s important for a partner to show her attention, take an interest in her achievements and bring energy to the relationship.

She loves to be surprised and even put on a pedestal, she hates being dismissed or ignored.

Aries moon women hate liars. She’s got an excellent antenna for lies and it makes her very angry. She’s not a person who should ever be taken for a fool.

Aries moon women are occasionally immature and selfish. They can be guilty of being a tad self-centered and having double standards or being a little entitled.

This moon sign can be a little dramatic, especially if she’s feeling in a rut or unappreciated. It’s so important for her to feel valued, and to have constant challenge and excitement in her life.

She loves surprises and she adores a partner who wants to sweep her off her feet.

She’s fiercely independent, her parents raised her to stand on her own feet and stand up for herself, and so she’s not going to take nonsense or be told what to do.

Aries Moon Man

An Aries moon man is highly attracted to fellow Aries as he delights in fiery passion and high energy.

He wants a partner who helps him to feel optimistic and enlivened and who feeds his desire to live life to the full.

While he may not necessarily be looking for a wild child, he’s definitely not going to fall for a wet blanket.

He’s not drawn to very sensitive, serious and withdrawn personalities.

With Aries moon, a man is not good at deciphering innuendo or complex emotional messages, he needs a partner to give it to him straight, and he loves honesty.

He rather likes being chased down and is turned on by a woman who fights for him or vies for his attention – he’s a sucker for ambitious and competitive women.

Aries moon men are romantics who love the creative and imaginative side of love and so they enjoy being indulged in traditional romance.

While he doesn’t like being bossed around, which can make him angry, he inevitably falls for assertiveness.

He’s quite impatient and prefers a partner of few words and who lets actions do the talking.

Like Aries woman, he’s quite traditional at heart and uncomfortable with women who are too way out, bohemian or progressive.

He needs an understanding partner who appreciates that he occasionally needs to lose his temper or get heated about things because that’s how he processes both fear and insecurity.

Aries moon is one big box of surprises, but not a Pandoras box at all.

They can exhaust, inspire and excite and they need upbeat, creative and forward-looking people in their lives.

They don’t hang around and so if you blink, you may miss them

Juli in Florida

Sunday 2nd of April 2023

I realize I don't have one friend or relative with moon in Aries. I imagined those with this placement to be fickle and disloyal. Boy, was I wrong! Very eye opening and thorough piece. Can't wait until you do Gemini moon! Thank you!