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What Do Aries Men Like and Dislike in Women

Aries men are charismatic and courageous and they like to take life by the horns. These men tend to be looking for women with a similar outlook on life and who can give them a run for their money.

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Read on to learn exactly what Aries men like and dislike in women.

What Do Aries Men Like?

Aries men are ambitious and enjoy nothing more than winning at life. They can be very self-involved and focus on what they want and need, and what will make them happy.

Men born under Aries tend to put the needs and feelings of others second.

What Does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman?

Aries men look for women who are independent, ambitious, and able to keep up with them in a high-paced life. Basically, they are looking for a woman who is just like them!

He wants someone who lives life to the full, but also takes life seriously and shares his philosophy that anything worth having is worth working for.


Aries men are attracted to women that walk into a room and command attention.

It can take a lot to get the attention of an Aries man. He is often so focussed on himself and what he is doing that he doesn’t see everything that is happening around him. If a woman can make him look up, and grab his attention, he will be impressed and interested.

This will usually mean being confident, which means looking good and feeling good in your own skin.

On top of this, he will want a woman that other people, including himself, gravitate towards. The best way to be this woman is to be outgoing and genuinely interested in the people around you.


Aries men appreciate independent women who know their own minds and have their own lives.

While Aries men might say that they want a trophy to carry on their arm, this sentiment is just an extension of their tendency to be self-involved. While they want a woman who supports them in their endeavors, he admires a woman who is her own person.

You can show off your independent side by having firm opinions. While Aries men do get frustrated when others don’t see things their way, they also find that little bit of push back enticing.


Aries men find ambitious women highly attractive.

One trait that all Aries men have in common is that they are ambitious. They have big dreams, and they are willing to put in the hard work to meet them.

This means that they are not always as free and easy-going as other people. They take life seriously.

Aries men find women who not only understand but share this outlook on life very stimulating.

Aries men want a woman who knows how to dream big, and also has the fortitude of character to work hard to reach their goals. They know that making sacrifices to build the life you want is better when done together.

Physically Fit

Aries men tend to find athletic women the most attractive. This is less about a body type, and more an outward appreciation of a woman who looks after herself.

Aries men usually ascribe to the "healthy body, healthy life" philosophy, and physical fitness is an outward sign of that philosophy.

Aries men also want a woman who can keep up with them. They like to live active lifestyles and are often weekend warriors.

While they appreciate a woman who looks good when they are dressed to the nines, they also want someone who can get stuck in with them, whether it is hiking or a weekend game of football with the boys.


You can attract an Aries man by being just a little mysterious. Aries men believe that everything in life worth having requires a little bit of work. This holds true for love.

This doesn’t mean that he wants a woman who plays hard to get or who makes him jealous. In fact, this can be risky since he will retreat if he thinks he is wasting his time.

Rather, Aries men are attracted to women who have a little bit of mystery and whom they have to work to discover.

So, don’t tell him your life story and pour out your emotions on the first few dates. Hold some things back and be a little enigmatic. Let him feel like he is piecing a puzzle together, rather than being told a story.

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What Does an Aries Man Dislike in a Woman?

Like most people, Aries men also have a few pet peeves and things that they find very unattractive in other people.

Fake Behavior

Aries men will immediately be turned off by a woman that he feels is being two-faced. If he sees you saying one thing and doing another, or treating people one way in public and another way in private, he won’t be impressed.

Aries men aren’t good at reading people, so they have to take things on face value. If they feel like they can’t get at the real you, they may well decide it is not worth it.

Game Players

Playing games is no way to deal with an Aries man. As we have already said, they are terrible at reading people and they don’t pick up on those unspoken signals that others might think are obvious.

So, if you play games and expect him to guess the answer, you are setting your Aries man up to fail. And there are few things Aries men hate more than failing, or looking like a failure.


While Aries men might seem rough and confident, they are actually sensitive souls. In particular, they don’t take criticism well. They take criticism to heart and feel ashamed when they are criticized in front of other people.

For this reason, you need to watch what you say. Pointing out a funny gaff or making fun of a mistake, especially in front of others, won’t endear you to an Aries man.

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The Rules of Attraction

The rules of attraction are complex and often difficult to unravel, but everyone has a few traits that they prefer when looking for a romantic partner.

Aries men tend to be attracted to confident and ambitious women who are willing to get dirty and take life by the horns, but who do it with style and integrity.

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