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Aries Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

Aries Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Can you tell if An Aries man likes you by the way he texts? Yes, absolutely!

Aries men have specific texting styles that are specifically suited to his personality!

His texting style is not only honest, but also flirty, sexy and passionate! He loves to reach out and initiate a conversation when he likes you, so all you have to do, is sit back and enjoy the ride!

Unlike many typical guys who take forever to reply, this is one man who will text back at lightning speed if he’s into you!

He’ll never play games with you, and you’ll see that his messages are always honest and to the point!

7 Signs An Aries Man Likes You Through Text

The way that an Aries man will show that he likes you through text is by being completely impatient – both to reply to you, and to get a reply from you!

He just can’t wait to speak to you when he’s infatuated!

His texting style, besides rapid, is sexy, forthright and direct. He’ll flatter you to death when he’s into you, and he won’t take no for an answer!

You always know where you stand with the Aries guy, that’s for sure!

Many Aries guys even prefer to just pick up the phone and call you! Yes, he’s that eager to see you – texts are just too impersonal for him!

If his messages have some or all of the styles below, then you’ve definitely captured his interest:

1. He Replies Super-Fast!

Everyone knows that Aries is the most important sign in the zodiac! This applies to his text messages, too!

If he really, really likes you, he never takes his time to reply.

Even if his replies are short and sweet, it means he’s eager to get to know you better, and even more, to see you soon!

Fast, short and sweet – that’s your typical Aries man’s text style when he wants a woman!

2. He Doesn’t Take No For An Answer

This can be a fun game to play for you both – try saying “no” to your Aries guy. See how he begins to chase you in earnest!

When his text style is a little pushy (in a good way), when he’s not letting you turn him down for a date, well, he definitely wants you!

Aries is a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of desire – what did you expect?

3. He Pesters You For Replies

Another sign that the an Aries man likes you, is when he pesters you for a reply after he texts you.

This is not your type of man to worry about whether he’s coming across as too keen. He’s so confident that he doesn’t care how he comes across!

So, if you find that his texting style borders on irritating, you’ve succeeded!

Keep him waiting a little longer, and watch how he chases you! It’s not cruel – he loves a woman who plays a little hard to get!

4. His Texts Are Eager And Passionate

The sweetest quality about the Aries man’s texting style when he likes you, is his eagerness. He’s refreshing in the way that his passion is so direct.

His messages, when he’s into you, will be warm, affectionate and usually focussed on the positive of you, and of your potential relationship.

Aries men are true believers in love, and tend to fall hard and fast – you can pick it up in their messaging style!

Isn’t it nice not to have to doubt? You bet it is!

5. He Picks Up The Phone And Calls You

Now, if an Aries man really, really, really likes you, he will simply pick up the phone and call you, quite spontaneously!

He prefers hearing your voice, plus, he can get his answer quick-sticks! Like we’ve mentioned, he is rather impatient!

This is the one number you don’t mind seeing flashing on your phone during a busy day at work.

Go ahead and answer it, if you can – this is a man who lives in the moment and probably wants to grab a lunch break with you, right now!

6. His Texts Are Racy And Sexy

Because Aries is a sign ruled by the lusty planet Mars, he’s all about the physical side of a relationship.

He can’t wait to jump in, usually, but when he respects you, he does tend to slow down and enjoy the chase.

If he likes you a lot, his texting style will show this sensuality and sexy side, in quite an honest and upfront way.

For some ladies it can be a lot, but you’ll see that it’s mostly innocent playfulness.

Don’t hesitate to be sexy right back, although leave a bit to his imagination. That does tend to make him chase you ever harder.

7. His Messages Are Extremely Honest And Flattering

One of the most touching things about an Aries man’s texting style is his open-hearted honesty. He will tell you straight up how he feels, usually within a short amount of time.

He also won’t hide what he’s doing, what his past is, or anything along these lines. When he really likes you, he’ll want to get started off on the right foot.

His texts will also be very flattering, as if you are some sort of Queen (which you are, of course!).

He will praise your looks, your smarts, your accomplishments and your talents. He will literally make you feel on top of the world, and won’t be shy doing it.

Be sure to compliment him too – this really boosts his confidence and makes him feel more masculine!

What If An Aries Man Stops Texting You?

Has your Aries man’s passion suddenly cooled? Has he stopped texting you and started ignoring you?

Unlike other guys, who usually just get busy, this is sometimes a rather worrying sign about his feelings for you.

Aries men, when infatuated, are incredibly quick to reply, even if their messages are short.

It is possible that he has gotten distracted with work or that he is under major stress.

However, what’s more important to remember, is that this is a sign who classically burns hot and then cold when it comes to texting.

That means he adores you one day and can be bored the next. Just stay in your centre, stay steady and let him be the one to reach out to you – never, ever chase the Aries man!

He usually comes back, once he’s gotten over himself, and especially if he sees you have been ignoring him right back!

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