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Aries Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

Wondering what the Aries Man in Love Signs signs are? Luckily, when an Aries man is interested, he makes it clear. With a bit of knowledge about the Aries Astrology sign, we can be that much more confident in being able to tell when he’s passionate about you!

When it comes to the Aries man falling in love, he will stop at nothing to let you know he wants to be in a relationship with you!

He is a fire sign, after all, and all fire signs tend to fall fast and hard! You’ll fall hard too, and you’ll want to do your best to keep him around!

How an Aries Man Acts When He’s Secretly In Love

The clearest way to tell if an Aries man is secretly in love with you is his enthusiasm for you! His non-stop attention is both flattering and overwhelming.

He will want to know absolutely everything about you, and will make you the center of his world. He’s not interested in playing games, and seldom hides it when he’s infatuated with you!

He shows his love for you by showering you with passion and wanting to spend all of his time with you. He acts a bit like a teenage school-boy, and he’ll wear his open, innocent and vulnerable heart on his sleeve.

However, how do you really know that you’ll end just a passing crush? After all, Aries men do have a way of blowing hot and cold, and their passion can cool quickly.

Love, however, is another matter entirely. When this man truly loves, he is the most loyal partner you’ll ever have!

So, how can you tell if an Aries man loves you? How does he show you? How do you know if he’s attracted to you? Here are the top 8 ways to tell:

8 Signs An Aries Man Loves You

1. He Gives Up His Other Passions to Spend Time with You

Aries men have many passions, ranging from the great outdoors, to wild boy’s nights with his friends, to his career. This is one guy who is never boring, that’s for sure!

If an Aries man really loves you, he’ll sacrifice many – if not all – of these interests to spend time with you, his chosen one. This is when you know he is head over heels in love with you – you have him wrapped around your little finger!

Sometimes, he’ll share those passions with you – in an ideal world, you’ll be right next to him having all the fun! If you can’t take part, he’d love it if you can be supportive! This is true love to the Aries man.

2. He Talks About A Future with You

Here’s the thing: Aries men are spontaneous. They live completely in the present moment, and they are seldom thinking about the future!

However, he’s definitely interested in more than a passing fling with you if he’s talking about the future. If he’s making plans with you – well – you’ve hit the jackpot! Aries men only think about a future with someone they are really serious about.

Of course, you still have to leave a lot to spontaneity. Aries men don’t do very well when everything is planned. The trick is to let him take the lead here!

3. He Sees You as The Person to Have Adventures With

There’s nothing as fun and inviting to an Aries man as adventure! Packing up the car and heading off to a road trip is heaven for an Aries guy, and when they have someone to do it with – well – you’re a keeper in his world!

Be open to, or even suggest an adventure. This will increase his attraction to you tenfold, and make your love together that much more exciting!

You know that when an Aries man chooses you over his friends to have an adventure with, he’s truly in love with you.

Always being up for adventures or suggesting new ones is a great way to keep an Aries man hooked!

4. He Rushes in to Rescue You When You’re in Trouble

One way that an Aries man expresses love for you is to be your knight in shining armour!

This man loves to rush in when you’re in a tight spot and rescue you from a problem! This may be a simple tire change, to fixing your geyser or helping you deal with a work problem.

In fact, even if you can fix your own tire, don’t! At least not in the beginning. There’s nothing that declares love for an Aries man than by being there for his “damsel in distress”.

5. He Fights Your Battles for You

The Aries man is a born warrior! He wants to be that guy to fight your battles for you, whether it’s with a family member, colleague or someone random who happens to offend you!

These battles may simply be personal, too, so whatever they may be, allow him in.
Aries men really love to express their care by being on your team, defending you from any harm!

6. He’s Possessive Over You

You can tell that an Aries man is attracted to you when he’s possessive over you! When the Aries guy starts calling you “mine”, and getting fiery when he sees other men around you, then you know he is falling in love with you!

Some Aries men just get a little heated, and some may try and bash someone over the head – however, his jealousy does pass quickly!

It’s your job not to try and make him jealous, of course, as he’ll see right through that. Instead, enjoy that protective arm around you and know that you belong to him and him alone!

7. He Tells You

An Aries man shows his love by simply telling you. In fact, if he could shout it from the rooftops, he would! He may tell you he loves you within a few weeks of meeting you – he’s that impulsive.

Top tip? Try and wait a few months before you believe him, and if he’s still saying the same thing, well, then you know he truly loves you! The Aries infatuation stage is short-lived, and if he’s still consistent, then he’s a keeper!

8. He Shares You with His Friends and Family

You know an Aries man truly loves you when he shows you off and shares you to his friends and family. When he’s proud to introduce you as his partner, then you have a permanent place in his fiery, warm, huge heart!

Of course, it goes without saying that if he wants to make a family with you, then he’s all yours! For now, though, enjoy every moment of being part of his close, inner circle!

When An Aries Man Says “I Love You”

If your Aries guy is saying “I Love You” within the first month, take it with a pinch of salt, and wait a few more months for it to be real and authentic.

If he’s still singing the same love song after a long time – even up to a year – then you know its true love and not just a passing phase.

Does an Aries man really mean it when he says “I Love You”? Well, being a fire sign, and one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, an Aries man certainly feels something like love when he says it!

However, he may just be feeling the burn of infatuation. So, how do you know that he truly loves you? Time. It just takes time.

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And that, ladies, makes up the top 8 clear signs that an Aries man is in love with you and wants to keep you in his life!

Fortunately, these men really wear their hearts very openly, and their enthusiasm for you is infectious! You’ll always feel totally adored when the Aries man cares about you, and he will always put you first!

The best thing about being loved by an Aries man is this passion – it’s passion that lasts, despite the challenges of a long-term relationship. Once he’s decided you’re the one he wants to fight for, then he’ll seldom give up on you.

And all you have to do in return is be that girl who also puts him first and makes him feel like the strongest, most powerful and accomplished guy around! He will prove you right in so many wonderful ways!

How did you know when your Aries guy loved you? What were the clearest signs? Share your comments below, we’d love to hear what you have to say about the Aries man in love!

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