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What Do Aquarius Men Like and Dislike in Women

What Do Aquarius Men Like and Dislike in Women

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Aquarius men think highly of themselves and that they deserve the perfect woman.

They want the whole package, beauty and brains, and who stands out as unique and always marches to the beat of their own drum.

Read on to learn exactly what Aquarius men like and dislike in women.

What Do Aquarius Men Like?

Aquarius men are free spirits. They are independent and always do their own thing. They often see themselves as “too good” to be contained by “the system”.

Aquarius tend to be intellectual and live in their own heads, and don’t believe that they need anyone else.

What Does an Aquarius Man Look for in a Woman?

For a woman to catch his attention, they need to stand out. That means beautiful, witty, and different from the people around him.

He is most interested in people who are unique, and are markedly from the people around them.

He also wants a woman who respects him and gives him space, and who challenges him, but not in an aggressive way.


Aquarius men are attracted to beautiful women, and they also believe that they deserve beautiful women.

Men born under this sign tend to think quite highly of themselves and have a healthy ego, and so tend to “aim up” when it comes to women.

It takes a lot for him to consider a woman that, is his mind, is less attractive than him. They need to have a lot of the other qualities that he values.

Aquarius men aren’t generally superficial, but in this one area, he can be quite shallow. They are very attracted to a pretty face.


But Aquarius men also want a woman who is the full package. They tend to be intellectual and deep thinkers, and they want a woman with whom they can have deep conversation.

A woman who makes witty comments or has interesting opinions on political topics are sure to catch his attention.

While he might like beautiful women, he will quickly get bored if there isn’t some substance behind it.

And the woman needs to show their intelligence. Aquarius men don’t tend to prod and encourage people to show what is special about themselves. They wait for the other person to reveal it.


The ideal woman for an Aquarius man is highly independent and does her own thing and follows her own thoughts.

He is an independent soul himself and always marches to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t really care what other people think and always defers to his own opinion.

Men born under Aquarius are attracted to women who have a similar independent attitude and aren’t unduly influenced by the trends or their friends.

He also needs a woman who is happy to give him the space to be the person he is, and never tries to lead him or change him.


While Aquarius men don’t tend to like “bubbly” women, they do like women who have an air of positivity.

He is not always the best at seeing the positive in every situation, but this is a trait that he finds very attractive in others.

Aquarius men respect a woman who always sees the opportunity in setbacks and doesn’t let her spirits get dampened by failure.

He doesn’t want to be surrounded by a constant ball of sunshine, but he will be very happy with a woman who banishes negativity.


Most Aquarius men think that they are always right. But they want a woman who challenges them on that.

He’s not looking for someone who gets emotional and argues with him.

But a woman who asks insightful and difficult questions, or has a way of raising an eyebrow when he says something questionable, will send him weak at the knees.

He wants to be challenged, but with respect and intellect, and will always choose a woman who has the power to do that.

What Does an Aquarius Man Dislike in a Woman?

While Aquarius men are generally laid back and have a live and let live attitude, they know what they like and what they don’t like, and there are a few things that they really don’t like on a woman!


Aquarius men are very confident in themselves, and so they don’t really believe that they ever have a reason to be jealous. They think they are a catch.

For this reason, they don’t really understand women who get jealous. He won’t be pleased with a woman who constantly asks him where he is, or questions his friendships with other women.


While Aquarius men can enjoy a healthy disagreement, they can’t stand it when a woman raises their voice against him.

They often interpret even a slight raising of the voice as a vicious attack (even if they do the same things themselves). So women who get frustrated and talk harshly will have difficulty with Aquarius.


Aquarius men don’t respect women who are too up-to-date with the trends and is worried about what the latest celebrities are wearing or the latest fashion trends.

He doesn’t really understand the concept of emulating people that you respect. He believes that being truly authentic also means being unique.

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The Ideal Woman

Aquarius men don’t believe in settling. They will always be on the lookout for their ideal woman.

They are also quite likely to abruptly drop someone who doesn’t live up to expectation. The kind of woman that he finds most attractive is beautiful, brainy, and quirky.