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Aquarius Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Aquarius Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Did you know that an Aquarius guy has a specific texting style which suits his personality?

Aquarius men are known to be aloof, friendly and intelligent, and you’ll see how this reflects in his texting style! This is one guy that seems to play hard to get, though he’s not necessarily trying to be that way!

Despite his cool ways, Aquarius men can also be really flirty, text-wise. He is definitely the kind of guy who makes you want more! His texts will also be clever and witty, making you laugh.

Who can resist a man with a sense of humor?

7 Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You Through Text

Aquarius is a sign ruled by Uranus, planet of technology! Therefore, most Aquarius men really have the hang of instant messaging and may even prefer it to face to face interaction. That way, he can explore what’s out there without exposing his feelings too much!

See, the Aquarius man is not the most romantic guy in the zodiac, and may even get uncomfortable with mushy, sweet texts.

Now that you know this, you don’t have worry that he’s not into you if he’s not sending hearts and kissing emoticons all the time!

That’s not to say he’s not flirty – when an Aquarius man likes you, he will definitely be sexy with you over text! But there’s a sight sense of detachment, and he generally prefers being friendly to seductive.

Here’s how to tell if this mysterious man is into you and how to decode his text messages:

1. His Replies Are Slow, But Consistent

Aquarius men are quite consistent with their replies. That is, if they like you.

However, they do tend to be slower than most signs, taking their time to process your messages and get back to you thoughtfully.

If you find that he is taking a little long, it’s likely he just got distracted and forgot, but trust that if you are on his mind, he will get back to you!

Never hound him for a reply, because you will send him running as fast as he can go! Aquarius men are wildly independent and hate it when their partners need them to be online, all the time.

2. He Writes Long And Thoughtful Replies

When he does (eventually) get back to you, the Aquarius men can actually write wonderfully thoughtful and long replies! He is an air sign, after all, which gives him a natural love of words and conversations.

His replies may even be on the analytical side, which is his comfort zone.

He might even explain his feelings to you as if he was writing a scientific journal! Take this as a great sign that he is definitely into you!

You’ll also see if he likes you by the care he takes to reply to you properly, addressing all your points from your last messages. Seldom do Aquarians write slapdash replies, unless they are anxious or really busy!

3. He Texts You Regularly

Aquarian men have a bit of a reputation for being the free spirits of the zodiac, unable to be tied down and not looking for commitment.

That is totally not true! He is a free spirit, but at the same time, he can absolutely settle down. He’s a fixed sign, after all, which is known for consistency and regularity.

If he sees you as the woman he wants in his life, he will text you regularly – to his schedule, that is.

If he works evenings, for example, he will text you mornings (but not evenings). Or, if Friday nights are with the boys, he won’t text you but will say hi the next day.

He does have a pattern, and if you look for it, you’ll see it – and this is a very good sign of his feelings for you!

4. His Texts Are Weird And Unique

Aquarius is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac! They love to be different and stand apart from the crowd, yet at the same time, can be pretty trendy – this man is definitely a contradiction, as you can see!

When he starts texting you really strange memes, jokes, articles or just ideas, you can be sure he feels safe with you. Safe enough to show his weird side, a side that not everyone sees.

The Aquarius fella is a secret nerd, no matter how cool he pretends to be!

5. His Texts Are Flirty

Even though he’s not the most romantic man in the world, he is really friendly and clever with his words. He’s usually quite good at flirting, and somehow also keeping you at arm’s length!

So, when an Aquarius man is really into you, he will send very flirty and sexy messages, sometimes even shockingly so! He may surprise you out of the blue with a request for a naughty picture or one of him.

He appreciates being flirted back with, so go ahead and banter – you’ll create quite a lot of heat, which he will like you all the more for!

6. He Tries To Make You Laugh Via Texts

Aquarius men have a really great, quirky sense of humor. He’s not always easily understood, nor is he for everyone. But, he will try his best to make you laugh!

Watch for when he sends a funny meme (he loves memes!) or a joke, or if he teases you a little.

His sense of humor can take some time getting used to, but when he tries to make you laugh, it’s a very good sign!

7. He Sends You Interesting Articles And Events

This is one of the most social signs of the zodiac, and he likely has a social media account everywhere! He loves to keep up with events, like music concerts or get togethers of people who share the same ideals as he does.

When he shares these events with you, sit up and take notice – this is a very clear sign that he likes you.

He may also share interesting articles for you, some on the stranger side. After all, this sign does rule conspiracies!

What If An Aquarius Man Stops Texting You?

So, what does it mean when an Aquarius guy stops texting you, ignoring you or becoming bad at replying? Is he still into you?

Generally speaking, Aquarius men can “space out” and just forget to reply. They are very social and friendly, but they can be aloof and easily distracted. So usually, it’s not a bad sign if he’s started ignoring you, and it can even last up to a few days!

However, if it’s been a week or more, then this may be a sign that he is ghosting you and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Try not to chase him – you can send a message to check in, but if he doesn’t reply to that, it’s best to try and let him go.

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