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How To Know When An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

How To Know When An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

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It is hard to catch the eye of an Aquarius man. They are very wrapped up in their own thing, and they also have very high expectations about what they deserve.

Maintaining a relationship with an Aquarius man can also be challenging because they are so independent. It can be challenging to give them the space that they need.

If an Aquarius man is thinking of breaking up with you, the first thing that he will want is more space.

He’ll refuse invitations and he won’t return messages. He may also be deliberately contrary as a way of asserting his independence.

You can also expect him not to argue with you about his usual pet peeves or share with you the minute details of his latest interest.

Read on for more sure signs that an Aquarius man is finished with you.

5 Signs an Aquarius Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Spend Less Time With You

Aquarius men tend to be independent souls who prefer their own company.

You know that they really like you when they are willing to make space for you in their lives.

If they are thinking about ending the relationship, they will no longer feel the need to do that.

They won’t invite you out to do things, and they will always be busy when you suggest something.

They won’t call, and they will be slow to return messages. You can also expect some pretty monosyllabic responses.

The best thing that you can do is give him space without getting upset.

Most Aquarius men are looking for someone who can accept them exactly as they are. This will send him a clear signal that you can.

2. He Will Be Deliberately Contrary

Aquarius men can’t stand it when other people try to control them or change them. They are who they are and they aren’t changing for anyone.

While in a happy relationship they might wear a well-chosen shirt that you bought them or read a book that you recommend.

But if he’s starting to move on his head, these things will start to irk him. He might start to see anything that you suggest as an afront.

Suddenly, if you suggest a film, he’ll explain why you have terrible taste in movies. If you suggest that he lets an argument drop, he’ll have a need to confront that person.

Try not to do anything that would be perceived as controlling during this time. This includes criticizing. He is likely to take it badly.

You should also consider these other ways that an Aquarius man tests you.

3. They Won’t Talk To You About Their “Thing”

People born under Aquarius tend to be geeks. By this, we mean that whatever it is they are interested in, they are very interested in.

They probably spend a lot of time doing, researching it, and talking about it.

They probably have one or two topics of conversation to which they constantly turn.

While you might feel a little relieved that they don’t want to take you through the details of their latest sporting match or collection acquisition, this is not a good sign.

This is a sign that they are no longer interested in sharing the most important thing in their lives with you!

Try and open them up by actively showing an interest in the topic. Ask questions and show him that you remember things that he has already told you.

If you can bond over what he loves, he’ll realize how compatible you are.

4. He Will Be Very Negative

Aquarius men can have a tendency to look on the negative side of things. It is a bit of a spin-off of their naturally low-key personality.

When they are happy, they tend to be able to keep this under control, and will limit their pessimism to the occasional comment.

But if he isn’t happy, especially when he is around you, he’ll find it increasingly difficult to control his tendency to see the glass as half empty.

So if you notice him complaining about things more often – the food at the restaurant, the music at the bar, the quality of the film – take this as a warning sign.

Don’t respond by being overly bubbly. Aquarius men don’t tend to like ball of sunshine personality. Instead, show him that you take things in your stride and don’t let these little things bother you.

5. He Won’t Argue With You

Aquarius men enjoy a good argument, and they like to debate issues with people that they respect.

When they are in a happy relationship, expect to see him have regular healthy arguments with his partner. But these will never get personal and the two will always be friends at the end.

But if he is starting to lose respect for the relationship, he will be less likely to want to discuss the finer points of something with you.

When you say something that he doesn’t agree with, rather than pick you up on it, he will probably shrug it off and change the topic.

But don’t let him get off that easily! Ask him what he thinks about things and push him on it.

He’ll be unable to resist the urge to tell you exactly why he’s right and everyone else is wrong for now.

A sparky argument can also help rekindle sparks in the relationship.

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Can You Change an Aquarius Man’s Mind?

Aquarius men are very firm in their opinions, and they find it hard to admit when they are wrong. So, if they break up with you, they are unlikely to change their mind. They feel like it is a sign of weakness.

But if they are still deliberating whether the relationship is right for them, you might be able to keep him if you can show him how compatible you are.

He wants someone who is beautiful, interesting, and funny, and accepts him exactly how he is and doesn’t try to change him.

No one ever accused Aquarius of having low expectations.

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