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Dealing With an Aquarius Man Break-Up

Dealing With an Aquarius Man Break-Up

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Aquarius men are very eccentric. They live in their own worlds, and are always off doing something interesting. If an Aquarius man is breaking up with you, it’s because he feels the excitement of the relationship has disappeared, among other things.

These men are the most emotionally detached Zodiac sign out of all the signs, so you don’t always know what’s going on with their hearts.

This article will delve into the heart and mind of Aquarius men so that you’ll know if they’re about to break up with you, and more!

How Do Aquarius Break Up?

An Aquarius man will break up with you by having a heart to heart with you. He’ll sit down  and just talk about it. However, he will keep his emotions at bay, and will be very rational while doing it – there won’t be much tears.

He won’t break up with you in public, he’s got more honor than that. He’ll most probably meet you at his house or yours, and will discuss the relationship and tell you why he’s not interested in pursuing it further. However, he will ask you to remain friends with him.

How to Know When an Aquarius Man is Done with You

When an Aquarius man is done with you, he’ll be more emotionally distant than ever. He won’t even let you touch him, and will pull away whenever you come near. He’ll also go into silent mode, and won’t talk to you when you’re around.

This man will start to spend hours on the computer, either reading new programming hacks (as he’s VERY technologically savvy) or will immerse himself in computer games for hours on end, leaving you to your own devices.

He’s ruled by Uranus, which is all about sudden shocks and changes! When he goes cold on you, it will feel like the ground is shaking, as you won’t even recognize the man you once loved.

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Will an Aquarius Man Come Back?

An Aquarius man will come back to his ex if he finds that, over a long period of time, he can’t find another girlfriend. He doesn’t come back easily, or often, on his own initiative, but rather from his ex-girlfriend calling him and encouraging him to get back together.

Aquarians truly get absorbed in their own thing. You never quite know what’s tinkering in their, often brilliant, minds.

The reason they’re not texting you with messages expressing how much they miss you, is only because they’re so busy doing their own thing. 

They are extremely independent and don’t like thinking about their emotions too much.

They’re the ones in this world creating a lot of change (especially in the scientific world). It’s REALLY important not to chase them, as they will just see it as a nuisance!

Do Aquarius Miss Their Ex?

Aquarius miss their ex only on days when they’re not busy doing other things. Love isn’t the biggest thing for them, as they have other important matters to attend to.

Don’t take it personal if he doesn’t contact you after a break-up.

They will miss their ex, however, on days when their friends are all busy, and they have nothing to do. They may pick up the phone to see how you’re doing.

The happier you sound, the more attracted they’ll be to you – they like happy independent women.

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How Do Aquarius Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Aquarius men deal with break-ups by hanging out with their friends, and engaging in anything intellectual that stimulates their minds. They may even start working on gadgets, taking them apart and putting them together to see how the mechanics work.

They are quite disciplined, and really have their heads on their shoulders, and won’t fall apart by the seams. Their Astrological DNA isn’t built that way.

They’ll just carry on with their lives, and try not to think of you, as emotions are strange to them.

Now that you guys aren’t watching movies, playing chess, or just generally hanging out together anymore, he’ll do things to make himself feel better:

1. Travel

After a break-up, Aquarians want to feel free, and nothing makes them feel freer than exploring a brand-new country.

They’ll love taking in the new sites, and doing things on their own. It will really excite them.  

2. Hang Out with Friends

Aquarians always have tons of friends; people are just naturally attracted to their vibe because they’re never weepy or too emotional.

They’ll go to bars, and will enjoy trying out new restaurants with their friends, both male and female.

3. Spend a Lot of Time on the Computer

Aquarius rules technology, and an Aquarian man is often happiest in front of a computer.

4. Go to Success/Personal Growth Seminars

These are seminars all about elevating your life, and Aquarians love them. They teach you how to grow as a human being in every area of your life.

Tony Robbins is one of the biggest personal growth coaches out there, and both his Venus and Mars are in Aquarius.

5. Buy Many Technological Gadgets

Aquarians love technology. After a break-up, they may go out and splurge on the latest iPhone, and all the other gadgets out there that make life easier and more fun – including things for the home.

Aquarians are often most at peace around the latest technology!

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You may have had a wonderful relationship with an eccentric and intelligent Aquarius man that was your best friend as well. However, there’s always the chance that he may come back.

Aquarians don’t break up with their girlfriends often, and usually stay the distance.

If he doesn’t come back though, everything will be alright. Get together with girlfriends, and go for that makeover you’ve been eager to try. Get a new haircut, and buy a different shade of lipstick.

Fill your time with hobbies that you love, and in no time, you’ll attract love back into your world!


Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Aquarians are not eccentric but logical and analytical. If you cant process that, its wrong to call them that.

They break up in softest ways, not because they lost interest, but partner might have done something repeatedly.

And they dont tell what happened at time of breakup, because they told the person 2-3 times what wrong they were doing before.

So its never sudden. Do you really understand aquas at all ?