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Angel Number 955 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 955?

Angel Number 955 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 955?

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When Angel Number 955 starts showing up everywhere you look, it is a sign that you are approaching a new chapter in your life. You have an opportunity before you to start fresh and take your life in an entirely new direction.

However, it also suggests that moving forward requires letting go of something. That something is probably a fear, insecurity or belief that you have about yourself. You need to remove the power that this thing has over you in order to take your next steps forward.

The 955 Angel Number is a reminder that we have the power to shape our own lives and our own destinies through our actions and attitudes. The number 955 reminds us that what we think of ourselves manifests and creates who we are. As such, we need to be scrupulous with our thoughts and not let negative ideas take hold.

How do you know if the appearance of the number 955 in your life is meaningful or not? When the spiritual forces that use numbers to communicate with us send us messages, they give us a little nudge. This nudge leaves a small imprint on us. This lets us know that the repeated appearance of the number 955 is not just a coincidence, but a message.

Angel Number 955 Meaning

The spiritual forces that dwell alongside us will often send us messages to steer us on our path, especially when we ask for help, consciously or unconsciously. The signs that they send can take many forms. But they will often take the form of numbers.

This is because numbers are everywhere that we look, and therefore always available in moments of need. Each number vibrates with a specific energy that gives it a specific meaning, that we can decipher. This means that with different numbers, spiritual forces can send us different, and very specific messages.

How you should interpret the message of a specific number depends on the circumstances that you are facing and the question that you have in your heart. Context is key when it comes to understanding the messages of the spiritual plane.

For example, possible interpretations of the Angel Number 955 include…

1. Your own self-image dictates how others see you

The 955 Angel Number reminds us to be scrupulous with our thoughts. We all have an inner voice that can be harsh. It tells us that we aren’t worthy, that we are stupid, that we are ugly.

Do not let your inner voice speak to you that way. You would never speak that way to another person. And if another person spoke that way to someone you care about, you would step in to defend them. Step in and defend yourself.

We might think that other people cannot see our insecurities and can’t see how scared we are. In reality, this energy flows from us, and other people sense it, and it helps shape how they view us. Thus, how we see ourselves largely dictates how the world sees us.

This is why if we transform our own self-esteem, we can transform our lives. Suddenly opportunities will come knocking. So, when that inner voice starts trying to tear you down, defend yourself.

2. We always regret what we did not do more than what we did do

Angel Number 955 will often show up when we are paralyzed by fear. It will appear when we are feeling stuck and like we cannot move forward in our lives. The number will be shown to us when there are amazing opportunities in front of us. But maybe we can’t see them because we are afraid of risk and afraid of change.

The 955 Angel Number, similar to the 1222 Angel Number, suggests that perhaps it is not taking action that we should fear, but standing still. When you take action, you push your life in the direction that you want, and you take control.

When you do nothing, you do not stay in the same place as the things around you change. This means that your life changes, but you have no control over the direction in which it goes. Whenever you speak to people approaching the end of their lives, they always regret what they did not do, not the risks that they took.

3. You cannot own another person, let them go

The number 955 will sometimes suggest that we need loosen our grip on another person. Or more accurately, loosen the grip that they have on us. Part of the reason that break ups, friendships that fall apart, or losing someone in general, is so hard is that we kind of feel like we have ownership over that person, they are ours to love. It is their responsibility to love us. But you can never own another person.

Moreover, when we want to own another person, and in a sense have power over them, what we are actually doing is giving them power over us. We are giving them power over how we think and feel. We let them shape our vision of ourselves.

It is always dangerous to give another person this much power, as you have no control over what they will do with it. Angel Number 955, similar to the Angel Number 757, suggests that we stop trying to own other people. This does not mean an end to important relationships, but it does mean a new approach to them.

4. You are responsible for the state of your life

The 955 Angel Number is a reminder that we are responsible for where our life is now, and for where it is going. It reminds us that where we currently are is the result of the decisions that we have made. While we might want to point to specific events, such as being made redundant, as the powerful factors in shaping our lives.

In reality, it is our response to these events that have brought us to where we are. Did we take a victim mentality, or look for the opportunity?

955, with a meaning similar to 833, reminds us that with every decision that we make – including when we decide to do nothing – we are setting things in motion that will shape our future. With that in mind, it suggests that we be proactive. Do things today to create the future that you want. And when things don’t go your way, don’t be a victim, be a survivor.

Looking Deeper at Angel Number 955

What the Number 955 means in Numerology

Angel Number 955 starts with the number 9, which is the number of endings and things coming full circle. But endings are, of course, always also beginnings. For this reason, Angel Number 955 suggests that you are at the start of the journey.

This new journey may only be possible as a result of hard work that you have completed. Alternatively, this journey may only be possible because you have lost something, and therefore now have space to embark on this new adventure.

In the Tarot deck the number 9 is linked with The Hermit card, which is suggestive of a journey, but a journey of internal self-discovery rather than an external journey. It suggests that now is the time to let go of the crutch of what other people think and of other people’s approval. Focus on yourself, what you need, and what you know to be right.

The number 9 is followed by the number 5, the potency of which is doubled by its double appearance. This is the number of freedom and independence.

It can sometimes refer to freedom in terms of the spirit of adventure, and can suggest a period of travel or something similar. However, more often it refers to personal freedom. It refers to how free you feel to be your true self and to control your own life.

The number 5 often suggests that something is blocking you from taking control of your life and exercising your freedom. Combined with the number 9, this strongly indicates that the blocking force is something inside of you. It points to a fear of insecurity that is holding you back. The number 5 suggests that we find ways to let go of this.

Angel Number 955 also culminates in the number 1, as 9+5+5=19, which further reduces to 1+9=10, and then 1+0=1. The number 1 is the number of the creative forces of the universe.

It reminds us that each of us are part of the creative forces that shape the cosmos. We shape the world directly around us through our thoughts, actions and attitudes. It is another call to take control of our lives and shape our world in the way that we wish.

What does Angel Number 955 mean for Love?

When it comes to love, the 955 Angel Number often shows up when relationships have become toxic. This does not mean that the relationship is not right for you, and that you can’t be happy within it. However, it does suggest that you are giving your partner too much power over you.

Perhaps they are your rock, and they are the person that you turn to whenever things get hard. There doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with that. The problem emerges when you need them to be that rock, and can no longer survive on your own. Work on yourself and your independence, and your relationship will be happier.

What does Angel Number 955 mean for Spirituality?

In the case of spirituality, the number 955 suggests that you give your spiritual journey a more internal focus.

Perhaps you are part of a spiritual group, you are well versed in the doctrine and an active participant in the community. This is a wonderful thing and should not be lost. But for the next phase of your spiritual self-discovery, start looking inside yourself at the fundamental truths that you can only find there.

Pisces may find this message appearing to them as they have a tendency to feel best when in a community, rather than out on their own.

What do to when you see Angel Number 955

To determine what kind of message Angel Number 955 has for you, pay close attention to what you were thinking and doing when you noticed the number. These kinds of signs will always be revealed to us in a context that helps us interpret them, they want to be understood.

When interpreting your message, do so with gratitude in your heart. Seeing Angel Numbers at all means that the universe is helping on your journey. It also means that you are sufficiently aware to receive and appreciate those messages.

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